The Fashion Folk S03 ep12 : Katerina Alexandraki, Alexandraki Fashion, [Athens]

Interview with Katerina Alexandraki

Katerina Alexandraki is a contemporary designer, based in Athens, who likes to mix fashion with art and social issues. Her inspiration is derived from themes like geometry, the wheel of the bicycle, the game of chess, the supermarket as well as from Expressionistic and Surrealistic art forms. Her basic mission is to observe street life and the progression of music in the big cities around the world. Showcasing in 5th Floor, Bread and Butter, Premium, Ideal Showroom and Project Gallery in Berlin, she developed a strong bond with this historic city- often a source of inspiration..!


I’m a fashion designer okay who likes to mix fashion with art and music and social issues, bringing
the fashion of the streets and the fashion of the ordinary people that we see everyday among us to
bring it up in the catwalk.

My one grandfather from the one side, he was involved in textiles and my other grandfather he was
involved in clothing as well. He had a boutique in Athens called Alexandrakis, one of the oldest
ones and that was a little bit okay I was little bit influenced from this but it was my initiative to do
it because my parents was in another areas.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Not from a young age, it came really slow and in an old age, old but when I was 24.

It’s not like every time we have specific concept that we must follow step by step, it’s mostly bits
and parts that come every day so every day there is something more, something else a new part
from the puzzle and the concept now for example is that because we have we are in this difficult
situation with the crisis and especially Greece we have a big trouble with the economy and all
these things and the people really psychologically look terrible they are really depressed so I just
wanted to pump up their psychological, like it’s a party and it’s not, I’m not playing only with
models on the catwalk, I have ordinary people as well, friends, fashion personas like for example
Tori Skerliotis coming now and looking for me
We have to go I’m sorry don’t do this now we have to do it later
No we have to okay it’s just
No we need her, we’re late, honestly we’re late, we’re really, really late,
Eh …

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I want to show everyday looks not like a specific collection this is dress one, dress two, dress three,
the new dress no, it’s okay, it’s the continuation of past collections and it’s a patchwork from all
my previous work and all my previous collections so this is a patchwork and we have a lot of
patchwork techniques on the clothes, we have moulage techniques and moulage is really a very
fascinating procedure for me and we have prints and we have like a mix and match styling looks
for every day and for all the people all ages, all heights, all everything.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

… I want to show that fashion is for everyone, don’t be afraid of it, we have we need to have fun
through it, it’s not something that it’s because we have an economical crisis oh it’s very expensive,
everybody can do it.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

To the very easy to play with, you can do many things, you can put it here, put it there, put it over
there, on top, underneath, put this on you know.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Katerina Alexandraki, Alexandraki Fashion, Athens