The Fashion Folk S03 ep13 : Nikos-Takis, Takis Fashion, [Athens]

Interview with Nikos-Takis

Nikos-Takis Haute Couture has been successfully in the fashion industry for the past 48 years. The designer team behind the firm has a strong sense of creativity and adjusts constantly the collections to comply today's style. The designers' continuous search for new and creative ways has driven them towards the operation of Nikos-Takis Fashion Hotel in the island of Rhodes, a Professional Models Training School and a Models' Agency in Peristeri - Athens, a Baby Christening Collection and a total Men's Collection. Shortly, the designers will sign collections in the area of footwear, sportswear, home furniture, white linen and cosmetics.


Nikos & Takis is one of the most established labels of fashion in Greece. Now for over 50
years. We continue to create. There are 2 of us in this endeavour – working together on the
collections, for the past 25 years close to Nikos and Takis. We’ve been creating the
collections from 2000 onwards.
I’ve been here for 23 years, since 1985, we continue the line and according to our
customers, our work is well received.
It’s something I fell in love with. I love the process, I love the woman – I love to dress her,
embellish her, and now, of course, we’re also producing a men’s line. It’s a job that
challenges you. Every time you start a collection, you head into the unknown. You fall in
love with your new creations – you leave the old and look forward to the new.
I have studied abroad as well as in Greece. I also studied in Paris. But the biggest school for
me was working alongside Nikos and Takis . Working for 25 years with 2 of fashion’s greatest
teachers, so you’re building upon their experience and knowledge and you progress as a
designer. I believe this is the best school to learn, to evolve and be able to offer something
more as a designer.

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Mr Nikos and Mr Takis are always close to us when we are working on a new collection.
They guide us. Mr Takis is here at the show. They offer suggestions, but allow us to find our
own way.
Gorgons and Snakes is the name of this collection. It comes from a well known piece of
Greek music from the 1970's and 1980's. It's all about the Sea, the Sun and a white Island
which really sums up what Greece is about. We built the collection on top of this idea. And
for the first time, we have shown our menswear collection at the same time. So you'll see
three main themes on today's runway collection. The Gorgon and Snake collection, the new
menswear and some very feminine cocktail dresses as well as wedding gowns we are
famous for.

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I don't believe you'll see major differences between local and international designers. Of
course there will be obvious differences in fabrics used and choice of technique, but I'm
sure you will see a very high standard of manufacture in all our collections.


The clothes from a Greek designer. I believe are more prêt-a-porter oriented than the
equivalent imports from Versace or Armani. The quality and fantasy is comparable with
anything coming from Paris, London or Milan, but with the pressure of supplying a clientel
which has access to international fashion.

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I believe that Greek women are very well dressed compared to other European women.
They study fashion and have access to designs from everwhere. Italian and French Women
from Paris or Milan have great offerings in their cities , but nowadays, Greek women have
access to the best designs and are not far behind them.

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As designers, we try to enhance the beauty of a woman. To make her more attractive, to
steer her away from clothes that don’t help her figure. To make sure she looks like a
glamorous women. That’s what I’m here for.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Nikos-Takis, Takis Fashion, Athens