The Fashion Folk S03 ep2 : Christine Berger, Berger Fashion, [Vienna]

Interview with Christine Berger

[Vienna] Christina Berger is the very tongue-in-cheek representative of Vienna’s up-and-coming young generation of fashion designers. Her clothes are as extravagant as her collection titles are daring. With some amusement we remember the title she chose for fall 2009, which is YOU DID A GREAT BLOW JOB, BRIGITTE! YOURS FREDL M - allegedly referring to Brigitte Nielsen and Freddy Mercury as outstanding inspirations.Well well well… Now Christina has come up with something new, something exciting, something never heard of before (uhm…). Starting on September 17 and until Sept. 25 she will tour the fashion capitals of Europe with her spring 2010 collection, the overall motto is White Vest in Wild West. If that’s not something, then we don’t know.


Hello, my name is Christina, it stands for strong women, for humour for critical attitude, for
traditions yeah and for exaggerated stereotypes of women.

I think it’s more than fashion. I don’t like to do only clothes I like the side projects like the big
sausage which I did for my spring summer 9 collection or now I do a video and it must be more to
express the attitude and I think only the … can manage this.

I can't remember exactly when it was when I decided for fashion but I wanted to make something
which ends up in a product, it was the important thing but it wasn’t fashion, then I decided to make
fashion and I think it’s the right decision.

I studied at the University for Applied Arts. I was a student of Klaus Simmonds and … Prankino
and I think it was 2006 I got … scholarship and then I decided that the studies only aren’t enough
for me and I presented my first collection in Paris so I didn’t finish my studies.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Yeah maybe I’m not sure what I want to do so that’s why I choose these side projects. I was so
ambitious and motivated and I got 6,000 euros and I said yes I have to go to Paris, then I had my
first shop in Berlin and I continued my collections beside the university.

My way of designing and my image is maybe not really suitable to Vienna.

Kostas: Are they that conservative?

Yeah, they know this typical young designer style from Paris and they liked this and they sell
clothes from the young Austrian designers who do the same because they know this.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I’m doing two collections a year, they are mixed collections for men and women and I’m starting
with a kind of research. I try to find contrary topics, put them together to put things into another
context and to give everyday items another meaning so I won’t do something really new, I won’t
change the jacket.

I did a bomber jacket, like you know this traditional bomber jackets and people associate violence,
aggressive people with the, I changed the surface and made a real traditional knitting jacket out of
it so I used traditional Austrian knitting patterns.

I had to learn the last years and I studied in Paris, how I told you and I yeah I recognised that Paris
is not the right place for me because it’s also too conservative yeah and now I’m doing my G…
tour for my newest collection which is called super gaudi white western system terror and it’s
starting at the 17th of September and it’s stopping at London first then I go to Berlin and then I go
to Paris again because I wanted to go to New York but it’s too expensive now to do London and

Jewellery Theatre Elements

It was also in 2007 and I came back from Paris, I had no money anymore and I wanted to stop
everything and then my assistant at the University told me don’t stop now because you have one
shop now and you have to continue. And then I yeah I did a really small collection and went to
Berlin just to show this collection to the one shop which I had before and yeah and they bought it.

In most cases you have to order 200 metres of fabric and I don’t need it and that’s why I am doing
a lot of knitwear because it’s easier, I have my old ladies knitting for me.

For me it’s really important that the things are hand knitted so that gives you this kind of oma
grandma feeling, my tailor has also a wool shop and yeah she knows these old ladies and they are
knitting for me sometimes they are knitting about 250 hours on one jacket. I mean it’s not that
expensive, they cost in the shop but 1,000 euros.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

I try to keep this way of working with these old ladies or ladies here in Vienna or Austria but I’m
not sure if it’s possible if you really get this big orders.

I have two funny stories, both in Berlin. Two psychologists came to the showroom and they said I
have really a problem because they saw the sausage and the collection was called worst case
scenario, like worst case, it was about sausage, this is the worst case.

And the other story happened this year in January and we had a show in Berlin and one of the
models wanted to go to the toilet before the show and we all had these bottles of p… backstage for
the models and yeah we said he can’t go out to the toilet because the people are sitting outside
waiting for the show to start yeah and then he used the bottle and after the show I was really busy
to get the clothes back and saw this bottle standing back stage and I said oh my God these fashion
people they are wasting everything, they are wasting money, they are wasting champagne and I
went out with the bottle in my hand and I give it people outside and they drank it.

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