The Fashion Folk S03 ep2 : Gaspard Yurkievich, Yurkievich Fashion, [Paris]

Interview with Gaspard Yurkievich

[Paris] Known for his wild and outlandish catwalk presentations, French designer Gaspard Yurkievich is also fast becoming the designer of choice by fashion forward young men and women who like wearing street and urban clothes with a Parisian touch. A native of Paris, (born May 16, 1972), Gaspard Yurkievich studied at the Studio Bercot from 1991-93; wherein after graduation, he trained under Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and Jean Collona. To hone his skills, the Paris native entered several competitions, one of them the 12th International Festival of Art and Fashion at the Hyeres (May 1997), wherein he won for the women’s collection as well as the 3 Suisse Prize. The next year (1998), Yurkievich won the ANDAM competition.


It’s a house based in Paris so it’s a real Parisian yeah house.

I born in Paris. My parents come from Argentina so I feel more Parisian than French actually but I
born in France, I made my study in France and I start 10 years ago in Paris so it’s really a Parisian

The evolution of the business has been step by step and it’s growing. It’s not a question to be kid or
not but for a company 10 years it’s ok, it’s not an old company too.

I had my eyes very attracted by art since when I was a kid with movies and with musicals and then
I start to really like fashion you know the shows in Paris and all the stuff I start to dream of it. I
was drawing a lot of shoes when I was a kid. The shoes are very important too in our business. We
are designing the shoes since five years now and it became a big part of creative process but also
business while it’s a bigger market.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

It certainly help me, it’s closed totally is a silhouette, it’s really me, it’s really, really easy and fast
for me, much faster than the clothes actually. Shoes is an object you design but you work with
people with the factory you have feet and you just design on curves and the clothes is alive you
know, fabric is always alive and so you design something but then to realise technically what you
design sometime it’s really another process so yeah it’s been … and for me it’s really great. I
totally deal with both but it’s true, it’s unusual, it’s not a shoe to be with the show it’s a proper

When we present a show two weeks before we already seen the new fabric for the next season so
it’s always a turnover we constantly working on it. I like also to work with the talent of the
producer of fabrics. For me they give me inspiration too, it’s very important. I travel I see many
exhibitions so my head is always moving and then when I have to draw to communicate to my
team it’s another process. You don’t think in this business because you’re working every day,
always, always, always, we already start the process for the men’s and next week I go to Asia to do
my shoes so you know it’s all in process, so it’s a pleasure to present the day of the show
something you really work for a few months ago.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Actually it’s abstract what we prepare for the next show of course and today it will bring me an
energy and some messages that I will take to follow or not for the next season. So the show is
really important. You have a collection but how you edit it how you style how you build your
silhouette for the show is something totally unexpected just two days before show so it’s really
important process.

The market is worldwide. If I have to count only on France, it’s a small country and I die.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

It’s very cosmopolitan Paris you know, it’s not French who are doing Paris, it’s worldwide they are
coming and presenting their own vision of beauty, it’s my city but I’m very attracted by America, I
have a link with America, I love to go there. I would love one day to do my show in New York.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

The theme for the show it’s a funny way to be very sexy and feminine. We kept a lot of humour in
the silhouette in the outfit it was important because I think our time is quite severe, I see the other
catwalk, the other show are quite severe almost nazi in a way and I didn’t want that, I wanted
something more general, something more warm and with humour.

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