The Fashion Folk S03 ep2 : John Rocha, Rocha Fashion, [London]

Interview with John Rocha

[London] Born in Hong Kong and of Chinese and Portuguese descent, John Rocha moved to London in the 1970's to study fashion. He eventually moved to Dublin in the 1980's where he has lived for the past twenty-two years, working closely with his wife and business partner Odette. The opening of the Morrison Hotel in 1999 confirmed John Rocha's successful involvement in the first of a number of architectural projects. Working with interior design and structural architecture, office and residential projects have been completed in Dublin and Liverpool. In July 2002, John Rocha's contemporary range of organically inspired jewellery was launched.


You know the girls who wore the clothes, so,
You keep in touch
See you very soon
Thank you so much
Now you can relax, well not exactly
Yeah, yeah we saw each other beforehand.

I was just doing my … thank you so much, you’ll enjoy it anyway.
One of my favourites.

I never see myself artist. I am a fashion designer who really appreciate traditional craft and I
always like to mix traditional craft in the modern way. I corroborate with artists all the time but a
lot of my work actually influenced by artist, like this collection is very much … by Sean Scalli for
instant so it’s very much kind of thing that to treasure and I try to … and I put it together.
Obviously I work in different media from architecture, jewellery, interior and thing like that so but
first and foremost I am a fashion designer.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

We treat it and so that we can become a three dimensional form, one … dress … a lot of handcraft
element in there and a lot of pieces actually …

I was a nurse, I am a qualified nurse and then I decided that I like to go with fashion because I see
more beautiful women.

Fashion is all about instant, you can think of something, suddenly six months later it’s here in front
of you, where architecture if you looking at something maybe you won’t see for another few years
but the difference between fashion, fashion don’t last, you have to be inventing yourself.
Architecture you be bit lucky you last your lifetime or beyond you, so is different kind of
satisfaction, but they in hand each other.

This collection is very much influenced by the very famous Irish American painter called Sean
Scalli which is the first time I do a collection with so many colours and also based on a traditional
Irish images which is a … and bring it in the modern form. Looking back the last 24 ½ year as a
designer all the things I love and treasure, the material, the crochet, the silks and the handcraft
element but bring it into the late 25 year of …

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I based between Dublin, London and France, depend on the weather, Dublin is my studio, that’s
where I’ve been the last 20 year, London is where I explain everything else, France is my one Paris
studio where I think and do things. I think that pick between London, Paris and New York I prefer
London because it is home.

I always look at modern that where the spirit that is not just now, I model I visualise five years and
I model I use for the first time so for me it’s then the person walk into the world and … connected
… I think that most important. It … needs to be the latest one or the has been it’s just I look at
them is a part of what I do in the … so for me it’s not just what here now, I think it’s about
longevity, … in love with the past and this applies to model as well.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Kostas: What’s the funniest thing that happened to you during this collection?

The … to the floor, it collapsed, we realised we didn’t put enough sugar.

I have to go to Australia at the end of this month for fishing, absolutely!

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

Kostas: You like fishing?

I love fishing and I’d be, Australian … but I should go to Perth, Western Australia, I go spend one
week fishing, one hour flight from Perth and then I go to Sydney to visit my old friend, stop in
Melbourne to visit my customer and then, and I come home. So very much looking forward to it.

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