The Fashion Folk S03 ep3 : Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Baptista Fashion, [Paris]

Interview with Felipe Oliveira Baptista

[Paris] Portuguese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista has been in the fashion industry since 1997, working for such names as Max Mara, Cerruti and Thimister as well as doing free lance design, photography and graphic design. He showed his first collection under his own name in 2002 and was quickly recognized, becoming the co-winner of the “Grand Prix” at the “Festival de Hyeres”, since then he has won several other awards as well as been invited to join the official Calender of Paris Haute Couture, fathered by Hermes and Gaultier. He has now launched his 2008 Spring collection, a mix of couture and ready-to-wear.


I think I’m a fashion designer Rowena I hope so. It’s through that you know like fashion you know
enables you to express the creativity immensely, especially when they have like the chance to like
do as myself I think with my own brand and express myself so it’s kind of, it’s a privilege to you
know be able to do all that but on the other hand it’s an industry and it’s six months a new
collection and customers.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I wanted to make a step forward something very positive and dynamic and a bit of fun so we start
by mixing like really opposite references like punks with like a very bourgeois Parisian attitude
and then there’s ballroom dancing and cheerleaders and all of them that kind of like with a lot of
chic and cheek, attitude and fun as well.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Most of the creative process and the designing I do like I go into the studio all night on my own
and it’s kind of like where I really kind of experiment and do the things and I really like at the
beginning of a collection when you know everything is possible and yet it’s a blank page and you
can start over again and every season.

I study … and I spent like about a month really researching and like building like a puzzle of
things together and then when something that becomes like kind of like an identity of a collection
then I cover the wall in my studio with like a visual representation of it and then when the team
comes and start working with it.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

It’s true that in Paris with all these big houses and big designers and big names it’s kind of maybe
there’s less exposure for young designers but it makes it the more challenging and more difficult
but it’s okay, we’re still here.

I studied in London, that was … St Martin and then I was in Italy for Max Marrer for a year and I
have been in Paris for 10 years.

London was like really exciting to be a student there and it’s like very lively city and Italy was a
whole new thing, it was my first serous job like finding about the industry and then Paris is like an
amazing city that really takes time to get into it and there’s lots of things to discover.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales


Savoir faire is amazing, that’s one of like the thing that is amazing to be based in Paris because
there’s like this savoir faire, the technicians and there’s really, really a lot of people and handcraft
and they’re skilled doing a lot of amazing work, work here and then yeah the city is quite amazing,
it’s like a museum, sometimes even too overwhelming.

Last season we did one of the looks for Bette Vito and we’ve been collaborating with her and Katie
from The Kintees and it’s, I think it’s great when it’s like people that I admire wear my clothes as
well so it’s kind of it’s quite fun.

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