The Fashion Folk S03 ep4 : Eun Jong, Jong Fashion, [London]

Interview with Eun Jong

Career highlights: “There are many: winning Fashion Fringe 2008; working as a part-time tutor on the Fashion Design course at Kent Institute; developing my own label ‘1st element by hong eun jeong’; designing uniforms for Hyundai Department store staff in Korea; illustrating for an international textile magazine. I designed three collections in Seoul, Korea and became a manager of the overseas business department at D.S Textile in UK at the same time as running my own label in the UK. Design background: Eun graduated from Kent Institute with a BA and then completed her MA at Central Saint Martins. She was manager of the Overseas Business Department at D.S. Textile in the UK.


I’m a designer and I’m a designer who what I mean by designer is I can do everything what I want
to do my collection.

Fashion is what I study and then while I’m studying I really enjoy and then I feel like I can not live
without fashion.

I purchased … in 2002 quite a long times ago in London. Before that I did my BA in Kent and then
I just went to the St Martins for …

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

My inspiration of this collection was from 16th century ballet and the 16th century ballet is slightly
different as nowadays so because the 16th century ballet they do have lots of texture and their … is
slightly longer than now, they didn’t put any tulle underneath so it looks like a dress … ballet
costume so I just have an inspiration from that so I did put the lots of hand stitch, hand beading and
lots of detail on.

I do have lots of different inspiration however I … one same inspiration is I like to do the draping
and then draping is one of my main I mean strongest point so even though I do have a different
concept or inspiration I still do the keeping the draping but I try to find a different way to do it.

I like the movement I just want to … the movement impressed, I just try to express the movement
on the fabric itself.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Lots of peoples they like the white colour it’s kind of like boring colour and it’s kind of light class
colour but however I feel like the white itself is the one of the most interesting colour in the world
because I can do everything with white.

I just want to make the woman feel happier because they are woman, the clothes itself should do
looks beautiful but when they wear it should feel comfortable is what I want to do.

I just make the concept first and then just research the last … away and then while I’m doing the
research I just find out the main stuff and then I start to do draping to get the basic idea of the
design so always I should use just tent.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

Some fabric it was made especially for me because my parents buy their … company, my parents
have a company they doing the like textile business in Korea for 30 years and then so I just can
have a big help from them.

Kostas: They were mentioned something about Donatella Versace saying something very positive
about you.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

She was had the fashion friends at Covent Garden and then I just met her and … it was a really
huge experience what I have.

All the business is tough to be in so it’s nothing different if I compare with the other.

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