The Fashion Folk S03 ep4 : Konstantinos Simeoni, Simeoni Fahion, [Athens]

Interview with Konstantinos Simeoni

Konstantinos Simeoni was born in 1969 in Thessaloniki Greece. He graduated from high school in 1986 and then went to the "VELUDAKIS FASHION SCHOOL" in Athens, where he studied fashion design. After his graduation from there and his Master's course at "ISTITUTO DI MODA BURGO" in Milan, he returned to Thessaloniki. He created his fashion house in 1996 and six months later his Boutique. Since then, he creates his collections every season, which he presents in his personal fashion shows in Thessaloniki and Athens.


I’m a fashion designer. The art in the fashion design is to put something new to make women feel

In my youth in about 14 or 15 years old I knew that I’m going to be a designer, maybe interior
maybe fashion maybe industry designer but I design.

After the high school I went to school of fashion here in Athens and after that I want in Milan
where I start interior designer and fashion designer again.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I’m back from Italy here, it was about two or three designers, the main names, Michalis Aslanis,
Makis Tselios because they were more older than me and Loukia all those houses and those days if
you wanted to be in the designer in Greece it was a bit peculiar because it’s not there was no
industry and when I came back I thought that my generation going to change the things so we have
a fashion week, now in Greece.

Most of us we study abroad, see how things going and to wanted to break in back in Greece when I
tried to be back and everybody told me why you come back because fashion is in Milan but I was
in love then and I came back and I thought I’m going to do it my way, I’m going to try to make an
industry here so with the cooperation with the designer of my generation things going better and
better now.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

The Greek people that wanted to designer clothes it was too few and now there are so many the
new generation, the new kids wanted to wear designer clothes because they see it everywhere in
the soaps they see from foreign designers so they want and the Greek designers so we do the prêt a
porter lines because in the start we do only wedding gowns and evening gowns, now we do prêt a
porter lines to give it to the shops.

You have to have the first idea, make the designs and a lot of them and then you see the fabrics
and choose from them what’s going to be your collection. You can change something it’s not the
last world the last world is when you produce that because you going to do, if you’re going to
make clothes maybe it’s going to fit you doesn’t look with the idea and going to take it out, it’s the
editing we say it in the collection, you make all the collection, a big one and after that you do the

Jewellery Theatre Elements

I like the natural clothes and so I bring another shape in the form of women. My techniques it
depends in moulage, moulage is a technique for haute couture.

I feel very well in that business because it has a very one pick, you know the catwalk and after that
you feel empty.

Have four lines, I have the line of wedding dress, wedding dress, I have the line of the haute
couture, I have the line of the prêt a porter and I the casual wear so it depends from the lines five
years ago it was from the historical period in haute couture from the Byzantium and before that it
was the four elements … two years ago for the prêt a porter line it was rock and punk and now it is
now we can see femininity and some structure in the shoulders with the fabrics and many mini for

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

It’s fun to cooperate with women majority because you have to find the path to make her beautiful
the path from her vanity and to make a line that’s going to sell. This is a difficult job you know
because here women they a few years ago come in the … of a designer with a magazine they said I
want this one you want to make me this, if you then you said to her it’s not my design to do that, I
have to produce you another one she leave but now the things changed and people started to learn
it is more good to make a design for you not to copy another one.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Konstantinos Simeoni, Simeoni Fashion, Athens