The Fashion Folk S03 ep4 : Manish Arora, Arora Fashion, [India]

Interview with Manish Arora

Manish Arora is regarded by many as "the John Galliano of India".[6] He is known for a rich palette of psychedelic colours and kitsch motifs in garments that combine traditional Indian crafts like embroidery, appliqué and beading with Western silhouettes


Lots of different people talking all at once …
She said … that is the best
Also … people are like that
Barosi has found a new word ‘Manishfique”, not magnifique
She was great
No it was very nice the show no
I didn’t see it
No I was back stage I didn’t see it
You didn’t see what she did?
I haven’t seen anything yet.
She make a theatre she made a theatre
But she knew what she did though, I mean it was
… told her but in the end yeah
Oh she was forcing the girls to …
Very naughty girl yeah
That’s what she told us to do
It was not prepared you know
Yeah because … not like that
That’s funny.
Is this your show?
You ought to have a glass of champagne
Stop scaring you with these things
I’ll come back, don’t go.
Yeah okay you stay.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I see myself as just a simple Indian guy who landed in Europe and does his own thing and because
he do like it but so it could be artist it could be but isn’t fashion a form of art in any case, for me it
is, I mean I could be making a movie or doing a sculpture or making clothes. It’s the same for me.

The bing ding concept was life is beautiful and that’s how I wanted to start and it was time to show
people that there’s a lot of happiness you know in the world and that’s what I wanted to show so
you saw from the bing ding the match in the skin colours, a bit serious in the beginning and going
into birds being free and things like that and going into fluorescent going into a lot of handwork
because I’m coming there and that’s my strong point. besides that it ended in the you saw the in
the end the people dancing and the wave, it was a photograph from a photographer called Robert
Altman who made this book called Sixties and so it was from that and besides that I also made
jeans which I never thought I would, which is the easiest piece of garment and we collaborated
with Notify Jeans. So this is one of the basic things we’ve put together into a collection.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Kostas: Where did you train?

In India in Delhi.

Kostas: And is there a good fashion school in Delhi?

Yes, good enough.

Kostas: Is it different to the training in say St Martins or

No it’s kind of similar way of doing it because it’s affiliated with FIT so it’s kind of similar but of
course it’s Indian so there’s different specialities like the kind of handwork we can do and the kind
of embroideries we can do in India, you possibly cannot in the West. So keeping that in mind but
not forgetting the market in the West is what I try to do.

It is the time to be futuristic. You can’t be ethnic any more, it is about modern it is about easy
clothes work, complicated to make but very easy to wear. You know that was the idea, the idea
was to make things work on it but the end result has to be very easy. A girl can wear that dress so
easily that she should not think twice which is difficult but that was the idea. Usually my clothes
can become a little difficult sometimes but this time I decided that whatever we show should be
except for the first six or seven garments, it should be something which is very for a woman to
wear whenever she wants and it’s evening but she would not feel heavy wearing it.

Kostas: Why do you need to do the theatre, is it so important these days that?

For me yes, it’s my personal thing. I don’t do it for anybody, I do it for myself. If I don’t make
things difficult for myself, then it’s boring so I like to complicate my life then get worried about it
and get hassled about it and end up well and then challenge myself again.

Jewellery Theatre Elements


There’s a lot of chiffon appliqué it’s very delicate all the black and white clothes were all attached
by hand. If you look at them closely you’ll understand because the show is too fast, you cannot see
but it was very intricate, very, a lot of hard work but to make it look simple.

I have now been in Paris for nine shows. I started in London. London is the most amazing place for
newcomers, for new designers, it is so open to the young talent, they support you so well,
everybody, even the British Fashion Council is very supportive from the budgets to the models to
the venue, they really encourage young talent. Paris is when you reach here you know that you
better be ready or you’re out. It’s like that, that is the difference between London and Paris.

Shoes are done by Nicholas .. and Polly Nee, Polly Nee does my shoes. Besides that, everything we
do at home in our studio, but jeans are Notify.

We worked with Mac very closely and they give us six to seven colours special colours that we
should use so we supplied those colours for the whole thing, to the hat to the accessory to
everybody and we stick to the same colour and to the set, everything. Music was Sebastian Peron
who was amazing. He does a lot of shows in Italy, he’s amazing and the way he understands
clothes I think it’s genius because music is very important and not everybody can put it together
with clothes, but he can.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales


It’s Paris Fashion Week but actually for me it’s World Fashion Week, it’s a Global Fashion Week
which is the only place I think in the world where you go through the list, a lot of it, most of the
designers are not from France and French people are very cool like that, they’re very ready to
accept, open minded, they are accepting new ideas.

Kostas: I notice some of the models are wearing some strange things with the birds and all that.
Did you find the models were a bit you know a bit surprised?

No, no I think they’re used to me by now, they know me by now so they’re okay. I think they had
fun yeah.

I love her, she is, I think it’s one person who is not a model who is a character who fits me is Rosa
… so and we liked each other from the beginning, we wanted to do something together and finally
we managed.

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