The Fashion Folk S03 ep5 : Jessie LeComte, LeComte Fashion, [Brussels]

Interview with Jessie LeComte

After finishing her studies at the Antwerp Fashion Academy in 1996, Jessie Lecomte worked as an intern and freelance designer for different labels. As a director of design, Jessie Lecomte is known for her technical expertise and her creative vision. With her own label, Jessie Lecomte expresses a personal and purely creative view on today’s fashion. Her collections translate the designers’ affinity for intelligent details, noble fabrics and modern cut. The collections are based on the exercise of shapes, structures and techniques rather than on thematic concepts.


I studied at the Academy of Antwerp 12 years ago, I’ve worked for different label before as a
consultant and freelance designer and then I started on my own collection about two years ago.

Born in Brugge, I studies in Antwerp and then I move here to Brussels because I really wanted to
learn my French very well and because if you work in fashion you really need a lot of different
languages and that’s why I moved here.

There were two or three things that I wanted to do so it was or architects or it was to be a painter
because I like painting also, and or a designer. In my work I also paint a lot the embroideries are
hand painted and then they are made in India so I could do my painting that way. Like an architect
I start a lot from buildings that I re-interpretate in my work. It’s a bit a mix of everything.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

It has to do with art and it has to do with people and I like to make them look in a totally different
context like a dream I really like to do that.

Brussels is good to live because Paris everything is quite expensive and you have to work in very
small offices and here you have the luxury to have big spaces and you have also a garden and
things like that that can work very inspiring but next to that I really have to travel a lot so we go to
Japan or we go to New York or we go a bit everywhere around the world because Brussels the
fashion scene is very small.

Every designer works in a different way. We have other designers that only work a lot with prints
and we have other designers that are more American simple just a mix of fabrics. There’s a bit of
everything that’s just because of the influences of all the different countries around us.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Normally we have always learned that if you have a concept you have to go totally to the end with
it and just follow and do what you believe in and not just do it a bit but do it completely.

I’m more haute couture because I’m working with really very nice fabrics, a lot of things are hand
made and they are quite expensive to be prêt a porter, they’re a bit too expensive for that. As I
have been working for several years as a designer for commercial labels I really wanted to do
something for me and to do something completely different.

I start with some pictures I see can be musicians or it can artists it can be architecture and then I
just put everything together on a wall. Some ideas or some pictures take me more than other ones
and then I only take those that inspire me the most and then create something around it with also
together with fabrics that go with the more important fact.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

I want to have fabrics that not everyone has so that’s why for example here the embroideries I
prefer to draw my own embroideries and get them made like I want them so I prefer if it could be
possible to develop my own fabric and not to just buy somewhere but you have to do it quite hand
crafted so very small quantities and maybe paint them yourself, hand paint or things like that,
that’s possible.

Everything is very worked out so for, everything is hand embroidered or with different laces, so
everything is made in Belgium but the embroideries are made abroad.

Everybody sees themselves a bit as a designer, it’s really exploding for the moment, it’s true, I see
a lot of people coming and I see them going quite very quick also it’s very hard you really have to
believe in it for several years because the time and the money it’s really very heavy. There is a lot
of competition going on, but that’s good. It makes people living for something.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

I just like to work for people that are interested in art or in fashion but they know the difference
between a normal piece or a piece that is really, that has a lot of work on it and those are the
people that I like to make clothes for. People that are the head of the fashion museum or people
because they see and they feel it.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Jessie LeComte, LeComte Fashion, Brussels