The Fashion Folk S03 ep6 : Harry Halim, Halim Fashion, [Paris]

Interview with Harry Halim

Harry Halim is an Indonesian born designer based in Paris who has been designing since 2005. His designs are delicately crafted and immaculately tailored. Harry Halim's first collection was launched in 2006. Halim won the Asian Young Designer Contest that same year. In 2008 Halim relocated to Paris. Halim's designs have a distinctive modern-romanticism and darkly sensual aesthetic, which is always imaginative, deeply provocative and very glamorous.


I always interested with illustration and something to do with the graphics and motions, videos at
the same time also literature, history, I think fashion is kind of like a mediator, is connecting with
a lot of things.

I was in a graphic design, my parents like forcing me to be a dentist or doctor and after I did the
graphic design and decided to do fashion school so that’s where I started from and then I joined
some competition throughout the Asia which is I based in Singapore before but I move to Paris
right now, it was in 2006 I started in Singapore and 2010 I start showing in Paris so 2008 I was
already completely moved to Paris.

For this collection actually I am very I’m focussing on the what is exactly … and I’m kind of like
exploring a new aspect of how to use leather in a feminine way normally it’s silk fabric draped on
a woman’s body but I use leather to drape on the body.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

An artist has a different expression and has a different way of the way they create what apply the
arts is on the garment and the collection.

I purposely want to make everyone feel very … you know like expecting what’s going on with the
music and I guess that is just how …

Life is not only dark for me, it’s something very powerful black colours, it give power to people
like you know you can see in the Paris or everyone is wearing black, everyone is buying black

I am born in Indonesia and I was study and kind of grew up in Singapore based in Singapore before
but 2008 I moved to Paris and that’s where I start to showing in Paris Fashion Week in 2010.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Inspiration is actually part of the continues from … I used Greek mythology stories so I want to
keep that it’s kind of like a story line after the fall winter and spring summer so I take the ideas of
… it is like the old German legend story and it’s everything is all about like witchcraft and making
rendezvous or a meeting with the devil.

I have been showing in Singapore for like a few seasons, I just feel that Paris give me more
inspiration that’s why I’m here.

Being a romantic but not as in the pretty fragile and romantic there are more dark and it’s very
mysterious, very strong kind of a romantic.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

For the women I think they just have to be confident, looks powerful the dress they are.

I guess Paris is like the main fashion capital where else well maybe it’s New York, maybe it’s
London but for me I think Paris has more Harry Hyland stuff, since Harry Hyland is very
conceptual and I want to I want to be really focussed you know, very conceptual kind of brand and
also at the same time they are based in Paris.

I think fashion give power to people. Dress to impress and style can change people the way they
are yeah.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

I definitely have something mixing with Indonesian the way it’s done all by hand a lot of
handwork as you can see the dresses the jacket and the neck pieces it’s all like 100% done by hand
so it’s kind of like a raffia kind of handmade things which is like kind of traditional things from
Indonesia. Maybe that’s the wall things that is always inspires me.

For me I don’t really follow trends because I set my own trend yeah so I prefer it to be you know
the trend is have to be, be themselves the way they are and the way they mix and match the

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