The Fashion Folk S03 ep7 : Carine Gilson, Gilson Fashion, [Brussels]

Interview with Carine Gilson

A Fine Arts graduate from the Brussels academy and the Antwerp Fashion Academy, Carine Gilson was only 23 when she bought a small sewing workshop. In 1994 she created the “Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture” line. The most precious and noble materials are used in her collections. Carine Gilson is one of the rare designers to imagine lingerie as more than a simple accessory. Each season, she is inspired by a different artistic theme (Russian ballet, Klimt, Art Nouveau, Art Deco…). Production takes place in her own workshop in Brussels where, for more than 15 years, she has perfected her skills and the quality of her work. Handmade design in a “haute couture” spirit. The use of subtle colours gives the collection a timeless quality while remaining determinedly modern. Very quickly, she seduced the most prestigious shops and departments stores, from New York to Tokyo, via Rome and London. In 2006, Carine Gilson opened her first shop in Paris, and in the same spirit, in 2007 in London.


I love beautiful layers, I love beautiful fabric, I love the sensuality of the woman, I love underwear
and I love to give dream to the woman with my design and Kerry Gilson is also a business woman.
Now I am 20 years in the business with my own factory.

When I was young all the time I see my mother in the couture and my destiny was that and then I
have made the fashion school in Antwerp when I have 23 I finish school and then I buy a factory
by myself without money. My idea was make only lingerie couture.

For me I can’t imagine to do fashion without factory without no hope and step by step we learn a
lot … that’s the most important and couture because at 20 years before doesn’t exist the spirit of
lingerie couture.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I don’t love when it’s too much, I love the refinement, I love the beautiful layers, just lot of people
say too much is not enough, for me no, it’s not like that.

You cannot make a mistake in lingerie, everything must be perfect and especially when you need
to have sensuality, refinement, beautiful and also because of for that a very high price also
everything must be.

When I created my collection I need to create a spirit of line try to do special new finishing I want
my collection like I’m not scared of your fail of course but I work in the same way it’s important
for me when I created my collection it’s not only drawing in the paper, I need to go to the factory
and I need to work with the people in the factory and we create it together spirit of line and I need
to touch the fabric.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

When we have customer go to our shop in Paris or London the woman buy bra is not only a simply
bra she take care of the fabric of the finishing all details in the same time she’s in love with the
beauty more than price more than a chemise it’s more than a …

For me artistry and design the creativity is the same but after when you are a designer you need to
take care about the details for the production for a lot of people when you are artist you create it
once, maybe one unique pieces and then after it’s finished.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

When I have start too early it’s not good need to have a little bit adrenalin to start the collection.
My inspiration period is the year 20 to year 40, you have so many inspirational in this period it’s
the most beautiful one in the two last century I think because s very, very rich in the architecture,
you have the designer the, a lot of thing so I work a lot in this period and I go to see also like
Madeleine D… exhibition for the moment. I don’t go to see all the fashion show.

All the commercial side is made in Paris. Here is only the factory and the studio and because the
shop is in Paris the showroom is in Paris and everything is made there.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

We have a beautiful advertising with … GQ Magazine it was not a campaign for me, we have also
Nicole Kidman and we have made movie with Jennifer Garner.

We have made fashion show in Miami last February for charity gala with Eva Langoya. Wow, it
was in the … museum and we have made a beautiful fashion show and it was a very famous time
for me.

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