The Fashion Folk S03 ep7 : Daphne Iliaki & Evi Retziou, Delight Fashion, [Athens]

Interview with  Daphne Iliaki & Evi Retziou 

Athens-based fashion designers Daphne Iliaki and Evi Retziou created their first Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 collection after graduating from fashion school in June 2008. They have Marketing and Accounting educational background respectively. They presented their projects, individually, for the Create Europe: Fashion Academy Award at the Hellenic Fashion Week in March 2008. They both attended a workshop for Fashion and Architecture: Food-wear for the Hellenic Fashion Week in September 2008 and presented their work on the last day of shows. Their collaboration began as soon as they realized they had similar views on fashion, such as conceptual projects, geometric forms, the search for unusual materials and a humorous look on fashion. DELIGHT presented their first collection Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 at the Athens Fashion Week in March 2009. Since then they have been regularly presenting their collections every season in Athens Fashion Week. On April 2010 DELIGHT presented their F/W 2010 Collection at Cluj Napoca Fashion Week in Rumania. DELIGHT designed the staff uniforms for the Onassis Cultural Centre Athens since their design proposal was accepted. DELIGHT won the first prize of the Most Commercial Design Collection for Spring 2011 at the 1st International Designer Awards held by the IAF (International Apparel Federation) that took place in Hong Kong(5-7 October 2010). Their clothes can be found in Athens, Moscow and Berlin.


We are both Greek and we started at the same fashion school and we met there and we decided to
start right after we finished the fashion school but we have background, I have in marketing I
studied also marketing and communications and … logistics.

The collaboration is interesting when there are two people on the ground. The ideas are even better
and, two minds. We disagree but we talk about it, and we decide what’s the most the best for the
collection or the design we’re doing.

I used to draw when I was a kid and my whole family has to do with arts. My dad is a graphic
designer, my mum also paints, my brother is a musician, it has to do with all of the arts together.

I also draw when I was little and I started many years ago to design not only fashion and for theatre

I think it’s about the new thing, it changes every six months and I think that’s the most important,
you always have to design for the next season and the newest, and you have to do things very
quickly and

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Usually we start to design some clothes and then we find the fabrics that fits on the design, ah this
time is was the first time we find some fabrics we like very much and they were prints, vintage
prints, and, yes vintage prints with surfers, and we liked it, and we designed the collection on that

It has a sense of humour, yeah it’s a bit cult this fabrics, it’s like the … series modern … 80’s, if a
men’s shirts with Hawaiian prints and, some people I think, have some aspects of some lines
designed on some tops and many people say that it’s like man… it’s not Greek it’s from tribes,
culture of Aztec.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

We have one more surprise, it’s the first time we are showing men clothes. It’s somewhere in
between you have to have a sense of humour, again, to wear the clothes.

We are selling in Moscow and Berlin and from our studio in Greece but not in the shop in a

Fashion isn’t entertaining I mean, and it is serious of course it is serious, yes it’s serious because
it’s the clothes you wear and they have to be comfortable and have everything but you don’t have
to overreact.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

I think there is a message on what you wear everyday and what you want to say with it. Everything
we have in our mind, our background, our history, it is depicted in the clothes somehow, it’s not
that we have to pass a message of strength and a powerful woman or something like that, we don’t
have that in mind, no but and how are the things we want to be in the future, for fashion and how
we see it.

You can get inspired by, we like very much the research part of the collection, that’s the most
important everywhere, music, movies, art, photography, people.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

My brother is the most critical of all, but we like it, yeah we get from the worst critics we get

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Daphne Iliaki & Evi Retziou, Delight Fashion, Athens