The Fashion Folk S03 ep9 : Emilio De La Morena, [London]

Interview with Emilio De La Morena

Emilio De La Morena is a fashion designer, born in Spain but based in Britain since 1993. After graduating with a first class honours degree in International Business from Edinburgh, De La Morena joined one of the world’s leading brand consultancies based in London. He began studying Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in 2002, going on to work for Rafael Lopez and Jonathan Saunders. De La Morena's work is inspired by his Spanish heritage, often featuring complex use of obscure craft techniques. He reached the semifinals of the Fashion Fringe Award with his debut womenswear collection in 2005. In 2008, the designer was the recipient of New Generation sponsorship for the first time.


I’m a fashion designer who likes to be inspired by art or artists … yeah but I’m totally a fashion

I love fashion it is a really interesting industry to work in, so many things … fashion it’s something
that when you can really explore your creativity and you can really develop you know all those
creative need and still is you know is not an artist, … an artist whose works just to design. I want to
make money. Beautiful collections.

I went to St Martins and also London College of Fashion.

Kostas: What’s special about that, why aren’t you doing a college in Spain?

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I think there no colleges in Spain to start fashion, I mean there are but the best colleges in the
world are in London.

I really love colour, I really like to work with colour but this is interesting because I always look at
others’ feminine inspirations. I wanted to look up colours … really dark and I want to have
something quite dark about it so I started doing it with white, black, nude, grey, silver then you
know the little colours they do creep in or the colours I you know the moss green and the lilac and
then eventually the colour palate.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Last season was … cultural and I thought I mean the reason why it was called … because I really
love researching artists, it’s something I’m really passionate about and it’s all … never actually
researched female artists before and then I thought you know there’s an exhibition you know …
and I thought why don’t I look for, I want to do something just about women and all expressions
and … and that’s how it started and I thought I want to do something quite different in a way, I
wanted the volume to kind of grow and become fluid so that’s … push and push and push and then
do you that’s the collection is, but I think my really strong … lies the essence is there you know.


Jewellery Theatre Elements

All the … because of the water there I wanted to research maybe water creatures then I started
researching them and then I had an artist friend of mine bring water colours to me and in the end
we have this amazing image like I think I know like draw interpret them and I draw on them and
he draw on top of them, this colour and then he was really inspired by … the way she kind of
sometimes … drawings and then she has the water dripping like water colour you know the way
it’s almost it’s like nice then all of a sudden it comes dark because …

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

And so like … I am like this thing … and eventually I’m here and … you wouldn’t believe it’s the
happiest thing ever, I love it, I love it all. Next season, much better you know.

For me it’s like a joy to work in fashion so I have like incredible moments every day working in

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Emilio De La Morena, Morena Fashion, London