The Royal Jewellers S01 ep13 : Fred Jewellery [Paris]

Interview with Dominique Watine Arnault

PARIS - Dominique Watine Arnault & Yan Sicard - FRED -Sister of LVMH's Bernard Arnault and French jewellery designer Sicard, take over from where Henri Samuels left off. When I arrived at Fred, Mr. Fred asked me "I have a big client who would like to buy rare blue stones. I can't find a blue stone". I replied "I'll have to think about it and perhaps it's possible for me. I have a good friend, and my friend has a 26 carats flawless blue diamond". When I met Mr. Fred I said "I think I have found the stone for your client" and he sold it.


Dominique Watine Arnault


Fred is jewellery and for me it was a challenge, and it was near to my former
job, because my former job was in the Art Market and for me I liked to know
the way to arrive at the pieces.

KM – In other words how it starts and how it becomes a finished product.

I was an auctioneer in Paris and in the North of France and I my specialization
was in the Art Deco Period.

KM – Yes, art deco period.

I like Art Deco it is my passion art or painting or so and also jewellery and
specialist stones. I want to see every stone before buying but I ?????? to
create, the jewellery: necklaces, earrings, bracelets everything.

Fred jewellers

KM – What has happened in jewellery over the last 30 years and why today
are the big luxury groups interested in jewellery?

The first important thing is creating. Now people want to buy, to get, to wear
something with real design and to be identified with the brand. The brand is a
guarantee for the quality.

When I came to Fred the first thing for me was to identify who was the Fred
customer. And I thought this woman must be very contemporary, very active,
and very feminine also, and my job has been to create for this type of woman
and my first activity at Fred has been to make a team.

[Yan Sicard]
We need more simplicity and from nature to find always geometric forms. First
I try, I play with my pen and after…

KM – And then you start doing like a fashion designer on the form


Fred jewellers

KM – to give it volume


KM – But why have you gone for more contemporary jewellery?

I think that it is impossible to create pieces if you don't like the style. The
contemporary woman is easier for them to like the simple things, it is easier to
wear and I like if it easy for a woman to wear a ring all day long from the
beginning of the day, till night, for the day for the lunch through to dinner. I
hate a ring to put in the safe.

Fred jewellers

KM – How many years have you been looking after Fred?

Five years, I started in 1996.

KM – You could have had the pick of a lot of brands, why Fred?

For me it was the right time, because I was an auctioneer for 20 years and in
1996 when Fred was acquired by LVMH Bernard told it was possible to ??????
Dominque for the jewellery market and

KM – So he actually asked you?

And I arrived at Fred and I have to say, I thought that it would be a good
challenge for me, my good luck. At Fred it is more.....

Fred jewellers

KM – You can be more edgy.

Yes, more edgy, more trendy more ... at Fred we don't have the same

KM – the weight of history.

It is easy for me to do what I would like to do what I want.

When I arrived at Fred, Mr. Fred asked me I have a big client who would like
to buy rare blue stones. I can't find a blue stone. Ah you have to think about it
and perhaps possible for me and I have a very it is my good friend, and my
friend had a 26 carats and flawless. When I met Mr. Fred I said I think I have
found the stone for your client and I think it was my first good news at Fred
and he sold it.