The Royal Jewellers S01 ep14 : Damiani Jewellery [Milan]

Interview with Silvia Damiani

MILAN- Silvia Damiani - Damiani is the fifth biggest jewellery company in the world.- still family owned.

It was 1994 and I was travelling with my father. We were in China and I remember it was a very surreal situation. We were on the border taking a train going from one country to the other it was like duty free place at a station and a big poster of Isabella Rossellini there looking at me, and she was so beautiful (and in the place was not beautiful at all). She represented beauty for me. We were in the middle of nowhere. I was tired, it was raining and I started to think 'that woman has so many things together in herself. She is Italian but she is international. She is really in my point of view an Icon of a certain type of intellectual beauty.


Silvia Damiani

KM - What is Damiani?

SM - First of all we are a family business. My brother and I, we represent
third generation of the company.

KM - You are not from Valencia are you?

SM - Yes, we are, we are from Valencia and we are based there.

SM - My grandfather, Enrico ??? Damiani started in 1924 then my father
Damiano continued. He was only twenty.

KM - Really?

SM - Yeah unfortunately my grandfather died very young and he was the
person together with my mother they basically built the company as it is now.
My brothers and I we are continuing.

Damiani jewels

KM - When did your brother and yourself take over the running of the

SM - In 1996. It was the first date, because again my father passed away on
that day but we were already working in the company.

KM - What do you do and what do your brothers do?

SM - My brother Guido, Guido Damiani is the CEO of the company. In a way
even when we were very young, he was always the boss. I take care of style
and communication and Giorgio who is the youngest brother he is in charge of
marketing plus he is been the person who is more in touch with the entire
production field.

SM - My grandfather was a maniac kind of artist - he was able to teach my
father all the art, from the technical point of view. My father really wanted to
put more of himself in the creation.

Damiani jewels

SM - I was let say probably like every little girl in love, in a good sense, with
my father, and I think I simply wanted to know him better when I started and
while I was doing I was completely lets say under the spell of the same love.

SM - My father’s message to us was that whenever you have a dream you
have to do whatever you can to fulfil it, doesn't matter how much you have to
struggle to work for it. What is nice in our company, it is a third generation
company but still many things to do.

SM - What let us say makes Damiani different from the others is like to be
the Italian stylist for fine jewellery. That is why every year we really have a
complete organic collection that is a sign of the times. That is also what we
want to do together with what we consider our classics.

SM - I was designing for a Diamond International Award a piece of earrings
??? where the stones are on different levels so the fact is that they look like
with no structure, they look like they are suspended in space which of course
they are not. So every time people don't see but you studied so much to do
that that then you use for all your entire collection.

Damiani jewels

SM - Nature gave us a gift, giving us gems, and you have the opportunity
being a jeweller, to put the art of man and the metal together with these
precious stones.

KM - Why Isabella Rossellini?

SM - It was 1994, I was travelling with my father. We were in China and I
remember it was a very surreal situation. We were on the border taking a train
to go from one country to the other it was like duty free place at a station and a
big poster of Isabella Rossellini there looking at me, and she was so beautiful
and in the place that was not beautiful at all) she represented beauty for me.
And I start thinking, we are in the middle of nowhere in a little place, and it was
a little bit funny, you know to be there. I was tired it was raining, I was wet and
I was thinking you know you are so beautiful, you are so special to me and I
start thinking, “well you know that woman has so many things together in
herself”, and I started to say “she is Italian but she is international.” She is
really from my point of view and icon of a certain kind of intellectual beauty.

Damiani jewels

SM - When she get into the room, even if you don’t even see who’s getting in
you just turn before she is in because she has a certain aura.

SM - Women maybe when they wear something they want to look sexy or
they want to look sophisticated. They want to look as they want to feel. But
when they buy jewellery I think they want something more, because in
jewellery they see more.

KM - Their real personality.

SM - I think that the person that was for me that was more extraordinary in
any was probably my father. When you were talking to him he was able to
touch the right chord. I remember the first time that he sent me to buy pearls,
as a chief buyer, in Japan I was only 22 and I was making like three years of
training with him. I asked him, “are you sure I can do? I can negotiate you
“Yes, because you have three gifts. You have a kind of instinct, which makes
you able to understand the people and deal with them.”

SM - “Then you have the will in a sense that if you really want something…”

KM - You are tough enough.

SM - You are tough enough to arrive to that point. You put a goal and until
when you don't get it you continue. But most of all you have a heart. At that
moment I was already crying almost.

SM - What I like of the jewellery business and I hope that it doesn't change,
still especially also in big deals even for a big stone or something you can still
shake your hand.

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