The Royal Jewellers S03 ep9 : Roberto Coin Jewellery [Milan]

Interview with Roberto Coin

Finest handmade gold jewelry with diamonds and coloured stones. Production of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, pendants, chains, etc. Solid, semi-solid and hollow collections of high quality and latest fashion trends.


Coin: Roberto Coin is a very unknown object, is a person which try to surprise himself all the time.
Everything which I’ve done in the past is already been done, is already known, you know so I
really live for something which every day I discover.

Coin: My first 14 years of my life was in the hotel business. I was trained in Switzerland and then I
worked in Switzerland, France and Great Britain and basically it was a beautiful life; good wine,
good food, good people so that was a very interesting. But creativity is something which has a
tremendous future.

Coin: I think it was in my DNA, that the creativity is very much part of the Italian people, the
Italian industry, I have to have a goal, I have to try to see if what I dreamt was a reality.

roberto coin jewels

Coin: I was 33, I was fed up with the industry, I wanted a change. A friend introduced me to
jewellery then I learnt from the various maestros in Italy and they are totally unknown but is the
maestro which made the jewellery in this way. So I learned from the very best.

Coin: I can't say I can really make a very important piece, I can make quite a few things, but I
know exactly how to make jewellery how many pieces you need to compose it and the time which
is needed, I know how to make the fusions, I know how the … are made. Basically I am a very
well trained shall we say, jeweller. Not a designer, I consider myself a creator, I do very good

Coin: In the hotel industry you have a duty in life, to make people happy during their stay. And
when you know how to live with people and you know how to speak to people, and you create a
trust which is bound for life, but then I also love the women’s world, I loved the way they were
dressing, I loved the way clothes were made, I always wanted to be a dress person, so I felt that I
had to do, I could do something also to the industry, something different. But not come from the

roberto coin jewels

Coin: Italy is a great creating country, not necessarily a very good marketing and commercial
country, we fell in love with whatever we do and the money is of the different. Fortunately, I
understood that the part of the money side too, I was trained in the management school so I knew
how to manage cash flow. I never dreamt to become a very important person but I always dreamt
that I wanted to make beautiful jewellery.

Coin: A piece of jewellery which is difficult, I’ve got to do it. If is impossible, I must do it. So, I’m
looking, no very, not Italian at all, but that’s how I am. I feel that more complicated it is, the more
difficult is also for people to copy so we save the merchandise.

Coin: I like to be different you know and I know coming from the trade I think I’ve created my
own style, but how? I love countries of the world the different nations, I study all the history books
from Greece, from Egypt and I pay attention to detail, I see how the fashion is changing, I know
what fits, I try to search for merchandise which has never been done before by anybody. I really try
to be different and my team of people which work with us knows I want to be different. And not
just selling, you sell a lot of them, but you everybody knows we are different and we are able to
make about 600 new models each year.

roberto coin jewels

Coin: We have a beautiful factory which manages to create novelty all the time. We also work
with some mother and fathers which I can't live without them. Some people are part of the family
you know what I mean, they work for us, for 20 years and thank God they keep on working with us
and not anybody else.

Coin: There is the silver jewellery, there is the platinum jewellery, but the main industry is on
gold. But as you notice, we have different type of gold from the white which looks grey, from the
yellow which we use more yellow than others, from the pink which looks like peach and orange,
twister work.

Coin: We have 10 model makers which works full time all year round to make models. We have
five designers which follows the model makers and then the model makers relay to me if they have
any issues and there is a continuous thing, every day something is born.

roberto coin jewels

Coin: One of the most important one was a Passionata which none of my staff really liked it and
then when I spoke with all my maestros and people they say it can’t be done so I say sugar, nobody
likes that it can’t be done, and I like it, I love it, so it took us two years to find the metal, the new
technology how to make this texture. We made it and we present it in the market, even the United
States weren’t quite sure you know what I was really talking about, why does he love it so much,
and for us, but is what probably made Roberto Coin is a Passionata, that is a very special collection
which really made an impression you know to the jewellery market.

Coin: We just done two pens for the King and Queen of Morocco which is a beautiful cobra pen.
Creativity we don’t consider work, that is the pleasure of our life.

Coin: No it is a tough market but we been through that before, much competition, but we win
through that before. Politically is unsettled but we been through that before. Italy is probably the
example of it, so I just have to hope that the good company, which has invested in their
management, have invested in their service, has invested in quality and design, has a future and we
believe we have one.

Coin: Normally I don’t listen to anybody. I’m in brackets should we say, I have to pay attention to
the market, I do whatever gives me pleasure and I present it and I have an expression which was
used by George Armani many years ago, you know branding or creativity is an imposition of my
taste upon others and I can’t help it if they haven’t got good taste.

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