The Royal Jewellers S02 ep4 : Anna-Maria Camilli Jewellery [Florence]

Interview with Riccardo Rennai

Designer jewelry with an inimitable style. Art and fashion are mixed in an original creative message. Annamaria Cammilli is proposing different collections, where gold alloy is always very original: many different colours of gold, often mixed together. Diamonds pavé and 18kt gold are often mixed with original cut of precious and semiprecious stones and south sea pearls. This brand is creating jewelry in Firenze since 1982


Cammilli: The company name is Anna Maria Cammilli, it is exactly in the name of my mother
and she established this company more than 30 years ago.

Cammilli: She was a painter, now she’s still a painter but at the beginning she was only a painter
so she’s really an artist, she got the influence of the gold entering in our family that my father was
in the jewellery business but at the beginning she was painter. So is good mix from art and

Anna-Maria Camilli jewels

Cammilli: The situation is a little different since five years ago she really now creating with a
team of six, seven, seven including my sister also, young creative people and you know that
Florence has many artistic school so is a good place to find the creative people, people like to so
the team is young, she’s still managing, she’s putting together her experience with the young

Cammilli: I started in 1989. At the beginning I was just in assisting the sales and the etc, as usual it
happens to the people that inside the family has to be and it’s not easy eh because people don’t
treat you really in a good way, ah he’s son of the owner.

Anna-Maria Camilli jewels

Cammilli: Five years ago we decided to make this very, very different from the other companies so
we decide to begin to study the colour of the gold because other people working on the colour of
the gems, so we decide to make really good choice of the colour of the gold so I think we are the
only company now making five different colour of gold. That makes us different from the others.
Then we started with the very good finishment that keeps the quality also after years and our metal
is a little different from the others and especially the last five years was this made against the let’s
say the power of the Chinese market that is very aggressive and making copy so design is getting
more and more important but also the finishment has to be a safe way to make jewellery that is
difficult to be copied.

Cammilli: We export all over the world but Italy is the one that we are now is the top one.

Cammilli: We don’t watch about the other jewellers, we watch very often fashion. That’s the new
way to make jewellery I think the jewellery market should more watching about the ladies how
total look and not only the stones.

Anna-Maria Camilli jewels

Cammilli: Of course we have the collection with many numbers, each item is sold a thousand of
times, but we have a very small part of the collection that is made once. Unique pieces. So these
unique pieces are very expensive comparing the others, and sometimes I saw ladies choosing
during some event some very expensive items and they choose these expensive items only in let’s
say 10 minutes and after this we were presenting one scarf, special scarf in a choice of full colours
and they took 40 minutes to choose the colour of the scarf. I think this containing really the feeling
about the secret how the lady see something immediately and the colour is too simple, so is too
simple, which colour, so.

Anna-Maria Camilli jewels



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