The Royal Jewellers S02 ep6 : Picchiotti Jewellery [Moscow]

Interview with Maria-Carola Picchiotti

Picchiotti is worldwide renowned as a premier manufacturing company of one-of-a-kind pieces. A special characteristic of Picchiotti's distinctive designs is the signature use of calibrated stones, such as squares and baguettes. This is a highly demanding and expensive aspect of jewelry design since the stones are extremely difficult to work with, and nobody uses them as extensively as Picchiotti.

Picchiotti: Picchiotti is a family owned company and we have always focused on creating the most
exclusive and important jewellery with the most important gemstones that you could possibly find
on earth.

Picchiotti: We are now running the company with my father and two brothers so it is

Ah sounds a bit like Damiani you know.

Picchiotti jewels

Picchiotti: Well you know it’s a typical Italian company yeah you know and that’s what we do.

Picchiotti: Sometimes family businesses can be hard to be dealing all day long with the family
members but in the end it’s fine.

Picchiotti: My father started out as a goldsmith at the age of 13, he decided no more school and he
wanted to work at the bench and he was fortunate enough to have some of the big masters of the
1960’s that taught him how to work at the bench so literally he was working as a goldsmith. This is
very important because you do need the training, you have to be a good manager but you also need
the training to make good jewellery.

Picchiotti jewels

Picchiotti: My father, he always travelled with my brothers all over the world to teach them how to
go to the sites where to buy the stones. They go and you know deal with the people and they have I
think the expertise to evaluate what they’re doing what they’re buying and you know the price and
the value of the stone, so it’s very important.

Picchiotti: I’m the head of communications and I run the PR department and marketing
department and you know we work out advertising companies and PR strategies and my brothers
are more on the production side of the business.

Picchiotti: Valence is well known all over the world for the best jewellers, manufacturers, so I
think this is a very good reputation that we have to carry on and you know value and try to get to
our children and the next generations.

Picchiotti jewels

Picchiotti: We have always focused on creating the most exclusive jewellery, this is what my
father has been doing from the beginning, like I said, he had great masters when he was learning
how to be a goldsmith, working at the bench so he has turned his knowledge into the work of art
that we produce and I feel that this year we have taken a step further because this year we really
have a selection of what you would call royal jewellery. You know we have big, important stones,
one of a kind, unique that are very hard to find but we are fortunate enough to have the possibility
to get these stones and mount them in the proper way with platinum mostly for the very important
jewellery and also I feel that in this you know unstable economical environment that if you have
your own niche and you are very well positioned in that niche, you can survive and actually go on
and do better and better. If you don’t know where you stand, if you’re just saying well maybe I’ll
do this or maybe I’ll do that, the you know it’s hard.

Having security shows the markets.

Picchiotti: Yeah, exactly.

Picchiotti jewels

Picchiotti: Since you mentioned the Royal families for example, we have somebody in certain part
of the world that have contacts directly with these very VIP clients we don’t have direct access, but
of course we have somebody in between doing the contact for us.

Picchiotti: But mostly we present the jewellery to our clients. It’s very hard for this type of
jewellery to be sold through a catalogue or through maybe, not even mention the internet. But

Picchiotti: You really have to touch it, you have to see it, you have to try it on and oh this is great,
this looks great on me, and so you really have to see the piece. It’s not enough to see a beautiful
catalogue, no matter how well it’s made, how beautiful the photography is, that’s not enough.

Picchiotti: We are known for classical jewellery but classical jewellery doesn’t mean boring or
old. Classical jewellery means that it never goes out of style, it’s not influenced by fashions or
trends, it’s not what we want to do. We are classical, but innovative.

Picchiotti: The French they have great jewellery they have great fashion and in their own way we
do the same thing, very classical jewellery that is innovative and it’s contemporary, it’s not old
fashioned and say oh this is so boring I don’t want to see this anymore.

But there’s an Italian-ness about your jewellery, that’s the thing I’m trying to understand. How do
you, how do you quantify that because if I look at your jewellery it’s a little more ornate than say
what the French would do.

Picchiotti: We are Italians that’s why so, by all means we are influenced by the Italian culture and
the Italian heritage and the history of and so we have to be I think it’s only right that we do that.

Picchiotti: Sometimes you have to like they say what you want what they want, and you have to
design. It happened before here as the Basa fair and we were seeing some people and we had one
of the designers here and so she was literally drawing as the lady was telling her what she wanted.
These people are very demanding, they’re very peculiar, the designer put down very almost like a
sketch and then she made the good design and sent it to her for approval and so you know
sometimes we work that way.

Picchiotti: A tiara for a five year old, I’m not saying this is unusual because it’s not seen in our part
of the world, we were honoured to be able to … such piece because it was for a very important
family and so we done it.

Picchiotti: Last year when we celebrated the 40th anniversary my father created a ring that was
called the Marilyn ring and it was a tribute to my mother. My mother has been partner of my father
since the very beginning and they’ve been sharing this adventure together and it was a 15 carat
cushion diamond ring from a family point of view that was you know the most important piece that
we ever created.

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