The Royal Jewellers S03 ep9 : Luca Carati Jewellery [Valenza]

Interview with Gianluca Butini

Luca Carati style represents the harmonic equilibrium between the artisanal tradition of Valenza and a new desire of innovation. Present and future, classic and contemporary, white and coloured diamonds meet synergistically and reach, in each Luca Carati creation, the highest expression.


Carati: The name is coming from my look has my name and Carati from carats from the gold and
diamonds and so I didn’t want to put a name because we were three partners so we put the name of
the person that was going to meet the customer, the retailers, and together with the carats so that
was the combination that Luca Carati is coming from.

Carati: Valienta is a very small town, a city, and I tried to work during the summer of the vacation
from university from the school with my father.

Carati: He has a company that is producing jewellery and selling jewellery in Italy only. And he
knew that my dream was to travel the world so he wanted to give me the possibility so he’s talking
with friends, he say why don’t you put your friends together, one of the friend who has a very nice
factory so if you take your factory, another friend was also second generation buying diamonds all
around the world, gemmologist with great experience, he know the Indian market, he knew the
Antwerp, Tel Aviv markets, so why don’t you put all the experience, I will put my experience
through my son, that was me, and we try to create a new brand with, that is young has a
background of a great experience, so that was the idea when we started Luca Carati and we were
let’s say lucky and the combination of luck and of a lot of work and some quality hopefully and so
we grow a lot.

Luca Carati Jewellery

Carati: In my town we are all jewellers because is a jewellery town. There is one doctor, one
electrician and but the rest is jewellers so you don’t have much choice over there.

Carati: When I was 14 I was going to every afternoon to my father, look at the workers what they
were doing how were they building and then helping my father he send me to pick up the gold, he
send me to pick up a repair you know I was feeling the everyday and that it stays forever because
especially when you’re young, you remember everything you learn.

Carati: It was only six months that we are started and we receive a phone call from BTC saying
listen we have a customer that saw your collection and is very interested in buying. So we were
very excited, and you have to go to Rome and show the collection and probably they will buy. So I
went to Rome and during the trip I broke my car, I had an accident and maybe this was God saying
be careful of this trip, but I decided to rent a car to keep my trip and I went all the way to Rome.
And these people that was people that was doing with the main brands, they had big watches, they
had jewellery so I mean they had very nice store, I mean I was a young kid let’s say I was so
excited about this and they said we will have an event, this Saturday and there will be Italian
television, there will be journalists from all over, there will be models and there, so we want the
whole collection. Okay we want the whole collection and come to the presentation I stayed for the
presentation actually was already in Rome and during the night they completely cleaned, they rob
all my rooms, all my values, watches and that.

Luca Carati Jewellery

Carati: We had a huge evening with television, with journalists, with models, with was the party of
the year, at the end of the party, they told me listen, here there is a cheque, the cheque will be in
two months because we want to buy everything and so they did with me they did with the main
watch and I went back so happy, I tell my partners, after two months they disappeared so we were
so close to close the company because you know you have everything over there, so we had to start
it all over. My partner very big trust I have to say thanks to them, to my father, to everyone and
this, as we always say you start with a mistake, this was a huge mistake at the beginning.

Carati: Now I try to present a product that follow the mega trends, follow the fashion, follow
what’s going on around the world, but in the meantime I have to be, I donate to our museum and is
to other product that people love the worst, that when my customer goes to a party they say look,
she has such a beautiful piece on.

Luca Carati Jewellery

Carati: We are one of the very few Italian companies that has 360 degrees from the design to the
production to the distribution. Everything is inside the factory, of course I give an eye on
everything but my older partner as far as people working in the factory, the day to day basis he is
taking care but I bring home the experience of what I see around the world.

Carati: Today is more difficult because the world has become smaller, everything is travelling
more, customer going all over, there is China, there is India with the different product, different
quality, different prices, so we have really to compete, so we have to be on the edge on everything
you know all the small details, the price has to be competitive, the price has to be reasonable.

Carati: Italy has something that catch the fashion, catch the moment and is always ahead in the
present, even sometimes too ahead because sometimes we cannot get the collection that are not
immediately appreciated but becoming appreciated they after.

Luca Carati Jewellery

Carati: There is, there is mega trends that are coming in fashion that are coming as accessories,
that are coming, that you have to be really careful and you have to follow because you cannot
come out with something square when the whole world is a circle. You have to be careful maybe
you come out with circle, oval that is different or come out with a circle that nobody has with but
you have to be on the track and in the meantime to be different from what everybody else is
presenting so this is a tough part.

Carati: I had recently a show in Katah, you know Katah is booming and they have gas, they have
oil and Sheik came to the booth in the show and I was excited and he pick a few pieces and so I
was very proud, I say look at Carati in the worlds, the big names were all there so it was a, and
then I discovered that once sold for eight years old daughter, the other was for the friend of the
daughter of seven years I mean you know I never thought of being the producer of children

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