The Royal Jewellers S02 ep9 : Fanourakis Jewellery [Athens]

Interview with Lina Fanourakis

She folds, hammers, nails and roughens precious metals, yet at the same time caresses them. "In a jewelry studio we learn to value and appreciate metals and stones," Fanourakis says, "but while we work on them, we treat them like any other kind of material. Think of how gold turns black, and then you hammer it. It is not a pretty sight, and it loses its preciousness. It is when the piece is finished that it regains its beauty and value

Fanourakis: At a very young age, the only thing I knew is that I liked jewellery then I wanted to
become a sculptor and then after sculpture, I was very interested in theatre, not as an actress but I
want to do costume and this theatre design etc

Fanourakis: At the time I had a little shop in Mon… flea market and then I started making you
know little things, ah, and selling them that’s how it started at the very, very beginning. The very
first pieces I made were Greek jewellery not ancient Greek jewellery, times of Turkish occupation.
I have enough of this, very quickly, so I opened a workshop trying to express myself through

Fanourakis Jewellery

Fanourakis: When you start something you are bound to imitate, willingly or not willingly, but
then with the years the work I think I can express what I have in my mind. Of course I did not
know the technique, now I know them but then I didn’t. But I think that to make something it
doesn’t matter if there’s a piece of jewellery or a piece of sculpture or a piece of ceramic, if you
know other things, they help you a lot.

Fanourakis: I wanted to make big pieces, not very luxurious, not very shiny, … really, really
important and very, very sculpture but at the same time very light so that easily wearable. Because
I always think that jewels you have to wear them to enjoy them and then I thought maybe I should
make like a sheet of gold, really, really fine then … the ring etc, so the sculpture part was let’s say
this, and then another sheet underneath so they became as thick as I wanted, as big as I wanted in
the, in between it was air.

Fanourakis: I try to make what I want, what I think I would like, it sounds very egotistical but I
don’t think you can make new things if you don’t think like that. You make one thing, this leads
you to the next step and then I have disciplined myself to look for the things that would stimulate
my imagination.

Fanourakis Jewellery

Fanourakis: This is something between a flower and a tutu. Usually I start with a vague idea that
keeps in the back of my mind for a long time. And then suddenly I see something, might be
anything, the idea about this one is to make this shape, just with one I say ribbon of gold so you
just take the pliers and then you start making it. We want to make the edge oh, really with tiny
pleats and we, so we can now it looks, here it doesn’t look because the edge is on the side, we
having the pendant in blue. This is silver wire which we are going to put through this hole and we
are going to bend them.

Fanourakis: I use a lot of yellow gold, especially 22 carat because I like the colour. Also because
easily by burning and several methods I can give it the tension I want, that’s why I don’t work very
much with 18 carat, but I also use a lot of white gold. I like the combination of white gold studded
with rose cut diamonds and the 22 carat gold because 22 carat gold sometimes is too warm so we
have the grey colour of the white metal plus the diamonds give equilibrium.

Fanourakis Jewellery

Fanourakis: Usually I start from the metals and not from the stones. The stones, mostly diamonds,
have a decorative part to break the monotony of the metal, to give it some sparkle and so this is the
most common combination in my work. As for the stones, I love them on you when they are really
big, I’m talking about colourful stones with really nice colours and then the stone comes first.

Fanourakis: We always think of jewellery and immediately we think of rich persons, even the
poorest persons, they always have at least one mostly three pieces of jewellery. Not only in our
civilisation, in all civilisations.

Fanourakis: … it’s something that is more alive, most of all I like the feeling they are really nice to
touch, they’re like silk and though they may shine, it’s never too much. Nettles for example,
sometimes can be aggressive, which is not bad, sometimes I, something should be.

Fanourakis: I don’t like things that look too mechanical. You can find many pieces of jewellery
and some really nice, very nicely done, they give priority to the mechanic as if you constructed
something the whole construction. This for me, very rarely can be feminine or nice to be around.

Fanourakis Jewellery

Fanourakis: When we make things honestly we cannot escape from what we are. Many times I
would love to make something silver let’s say, …

And what happens?

Fanourakis: Well somehow you know jewellery I don’t have the results I want.


Fanourakis: I suppose because I’m not like that.

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