The Royal Jewellers S02 ep9 : Pasquale Bruni Jewellery [Valenza]

Interview with Pasquale Bruni

Simple, unique shapes: bright, shining stars, flowers and hearts. Pasquale Bruni plays with emotions, forms enveloping structures and creates sensational effects with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, topazes and tourmalines. His collections display a distinctive style, unconventional and harmonious: a delight to look at, a pleasure to wear.


Bruni: Pasquale Bruni represents the quality of the things that I manage to bring out, which I have
inside me. It represents the fruition of my ideas.

Bruni: When I was a little boy going to school I wanted to become a doctor, not a general
practitioner, but a researcher because according to me, art is a process of research. You travel and
absorb everything around you and then express all these experiences in your work. Because I
couldn’t study medicine in my town, I looked around and decided to become a tailor, because even
a tailor creates a piece that is full of detail. Not today, but once there was a real art of tailoring. My
change of direction towards working with metals was because I felt that metal is the most difficult
medium to work and to create art with. You don’t buy the metal ready to work with, as you would
with a piece of woven fabric. The painter has a canvas, a formal shape where he is able to depict a
design, whereas a goldsmith needs to also create the canvas from raw materials.

Pasquale Bruni Jewellery

Bruni: I worked in many stores until I was 20 years old, to learn from people in the trade. And at
the age of 20 I opened my first store in Valenza. It can be said that the greatest and most
experienced teachers were in Valenza, if we exclude those, you were in Paris because in France
there were great designers and teachers also, but I knew those in Valenza, Camarati, Ilario, Botti,
there were many great teachers, many great French jeweller brands had their work made right here
in Valenza by the great designers that I mentioned.

Bruni: I think that every designer has his own special style. Mine is to create a concert, a thing that
does not exist in jewellery art. Our jewellery is full of extra details that other jewellery does not
possess. If you were to pick up the smallest piece of Pasquale Bruni jewellery it is full of details, it
is fun, it captivates you. I’ve taken the heart, the moon, the stars, the sun and I have reduced them
so that I can include them as details in my jewellery. Whichever of my pieces you look at, they
contain these elements as details as refinement. Just like a tailor sews a piece with cotton, I make
my jewellery with the sun, with the starts, with moons. This is the secret of Pasquale Bruni to
create a piece that is fun to wear, to view, to have. It is near nature because man cannot live
without the sun, it cannot live without the stars, all of this brings me here.

Pasquale Bruni Jewellery

Bruni: One does not always think of a woman when it comes to creation of jewellery or design. It
depends, when a jewel is born it is born firstly in the mind, if at the time when the idea is born you
see the seashore, you imagine the colours of the ocean, the sand, the sun, the sky. It depends where
the creative mind finds itself at that time. For example, if the idea comes when he is dining with a
beautiful woman, then the idea of the jewel is born thinking of the woman, the moment of birth for
a design is always different, but when the idea is constructed or designed, one always thinks of the
woman because it is the woman who wears the jewel.

Bruni: Above all else, jewellery is art and I think that in time most value aspects of the jewellery is
the art involved in it. In the 1970’s and 1980’s everything became fashion. Jewellery is not
fashion, fashion is something that comes and goes. Jewellery for me is timeless, it never dies, the
longer time passes, the more precious and valuable it becomes.

Pasquale Bruni Jewellery

Bruni: Once it was the actual value of the intrinsic piece that is to purchase a beautiful emerald as
an investment for the future. Today that is not the case, today the artist doesn’t think of this, he
thinks of finding a stone, even though it may not be as precious as the stones used in the past, i.e.,
emerald, rubies, diamonds, even if the stone is semi-precious it is the final object that is created
using that stone that makes the item beautiful. The jeweller’s art is used to enhance the stone, to
make a piece that is a statement. In days gone by it was the stone that was the value of the piece
and the art that was produced was not valued at all.

Bruni: This is a ring from the footprint line. They can be worn together or by themselves. This can
be a beautiful gift for a woman who may be pregnant. Pink for a girl, or blue for a boy, or just in
diamond. The value of this object is not the stones I’ve used but the workmanship involved in
producing this ring. Today this value is much more than the stones because the stones can be found
in a thousand years from now, but the artisan that makes this ring will not. As you can see our
pieces have all the symbols on the underside, of course the stone is important. But I think that
which gives life and enhances the stone is the design and the artisan work of the object.

Pasquale Bruni Jewellery

Bruni: Perhaps the thing that I have more than others is experience because I’ve been in the field
for many years but my daughter, Eugenia, is also very talented when it comes to ideas. Creativity
is not something that you’re able to learn, it is within you. Of my children, Eugenia is the only one
who has followed me in the artistic vein. I have left my children here in charge and I’ve gone on to
do different things of an art of a different scale. The future concept of Pasquale Bruni will be
continued by Eugenia and my son Alessandro is the general manager running the production

Bruni: I don’t work for what the clients want, I work with what I feel. For example, this is a
talisman of Africa and it was born thinking of Africa. We sent it to auction at the Clerical Palace
in Milan and we produced it in collaboration with Simona Ventura. She has been our face for many
years and it has been a great success and the money raised was sent to Africa for the children of

Bruni: I will always design jewellery because it is what I do. It is what I love doing. I love taking
something raw, like the raw metal, and sculpturing it to produce a piece. I love working with that
raw element. I love the process.

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