The Royal Jewellers S03 ep2 : Faraone Jewellery [Milan]

Interview with Cesare Settepassi

Exclusive, excellence and royalty are the key words of Faraone Jewelry, a company born from the ashes of the Second World War, in 1945 in Via Montenapoleone in Milan. Keeper of an Italian tradition that evokes the richness of fine jewelry, Raffaele Faraone's founder, has established itself on the international scene, offering to its customers as the "family jeweler": the only one able to keep secrets and values, to interpret dreams and create precious works of art to measure. The distinctive features of the house Faraone, were initially very close to the Milanese style of the 60s, which boasted functional elegance, never sought a preciousness opulent and ostentatious. Also in those days Pharaoh establishes a deep relation with the family Settepassi, Florentine jewelers for four hundred years, thus increasing the know-how of a goldsmith tradition old centuries. After his untimely death was in fact one of a family Settepassi member, Guido, to take the reins of the house Faraone finally throwing in the international arena adorning the aristocracy and the stars with sumptuous jewels hundred percent Italian.


Faraone is a relatively old firm which was established in 1945 exactly just at the end of the War by
a gentleman called Faraone who was living in Milan and my family Setabasi has brought this
brand in 1960.

The Setepassi family we an old jewellers family since 1860, we were based in Florence, my
grandfather and great grandfather were the jewellers of the Royal Italian Family, the Greek Royal
Family suppliers for jewellery for most important families in Italy.

In the late 90’s I took Tiffany as a partner and then I sold the other shares of my company to

We have been walking lets say together with Tiffany for 20 years, I have run the Tiffany business
in Europe as Vice President for Europe. And then when Tiffany sold the brand Faraone, I decided
to buy back and start it again.

Faraone earrings

We have just reopened our store in … in November and we want now also to expand abroad in
Europe, in Asia in the United States you know.

Today a real luxury brand or at least a jewellery brand shouldn’t be too much distributed otherwise
to me it is not real selective and it cannot be sold luxuries.

These multinationals are doing a fantastic business. They have the power financially and you know
as distribution but of course they don’t have the concept of as more production because of course
they hundreds of stores and they have to produce enough for each of their stores, but we have lost
in this maybe last 20 years the concept of an exclusive jewellers and to me is not the same type of
business that I have in mind and I want to do. I mean I want to do a more person to person and
more identifiable type of jewellery, more unique pieces if you buy today a piece from one of the
big companies you find hundreds of other people have the same thing.

Faraone bracelet

We have our workshop in Milan and what we make is 100% totally made in Italy and produced in
Italy. We have it very near to the store so I mean everyday I would say I go there and check things
how are made, is that correctly executed is the quality it’s fine, if everything is done how it should
be done.

We are thinking to one or two collections every year just to you know keep fresh our assortment
and to add always new ideas and to keep interested our customers in jewellery the process is much
slower, is not like in fashion that you make a new collection and you just throw away the old one.
For us it’s completely different I mean what we made two years ago it’s still very new.

We use for instance a lot of square cut stones which today is very little used and we make it as
compliment of maybe solitaire or a round stone or an emerald cut or a colour stone each of the
stone is recut specially to fit in the setting, knowledge that has been lost with the time that we are
bringing back and we are keeping and we want to continue this direction.

Faraone earrings rings

When I started with Tiffany it was 1990 actually, Tiffany wasn’t that well known in Europe at all
in certain market they hardly knew the name yes but not exactly what kind of jewellery was
making so it took some time and a lot of activity and a lot of you know openings of stores.

I was still running the Faraone business when I was with Tiffany so all the stores that Tiffany has
opened in Europe I have opened there, London was open already but it was a tiny little shop when I
was there and so then we bought the building, we bought the two buildings actually and we
expanded enormously and then we have opened many others in London.

Faraone earrings

With the total appreciation of Tiffany it was very learning for me because from a smaller family
business I learned to run part of a multinational which was a great experience but my nature and
my love is really the jewellery the workmanship, looking for stones, going around the world,
searching for a special stone, and then have it mounted, this is really my passion.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Faraone Jewellery