The Royal Jewellers S03 ep6 : Fulvio-Maria Scavia Jewellery [Milan]

Interview with Fulvio-Maria Scavia

The origins of Fulvio Maria Scavia’s success as a multi award-winning designer-jeweller and goldsmith reach back to the small goldsmith’s workshop established by Domenico Scavia in Milan in 1923. Over the years, this resolutely Italian name has risen to a pre-eminent position in the international world of fine jewellery. Through his own long and illustrious career, Fulvio Scavia has combined aesthetic research with ancient jewellery crafts and nature’s most precious resources. He works in his Milan atelier, alongside a team of goldsmiths, creating jewels to stand the test of time and enrich the mystique of the feminine ideal he considers his muse. “Gold is my favourite raw material, perfect for moulding all jewellery creations. The art of the goldsmith reached across centuries, embossing and shaping creativity and intelligence, so that each jewel possesses a rich soul, and becomes a witness to a great Italian tradition. The great charm of the hand-made jewel lies in the fact that it has passed through the hands of someone who has left his mark on his work; each moment of creation is unique.”


My grandfather, my mother and even the father of my grandfather they used to be jeweller.

I used to play when I was a baby next to my grandfather who was paralytic but used to work on his
table so I was very familiar with gold, with stones, my education was in the shop, in the factory,
between the jewellery.

I was very tied with my mother but she was lonely she was by herself and so I wanted to work with
her and so I decided to ask my mother to be my teacher and we had a tremendously beautiful time.

Fulvio Maria Scavia diamond ring

My mother and me we lived we worked together we were exactly like two people in one. She did
not know, she didn’t know how to … we learned together.

We working very hard but we working with passion with that creating, making shape on several
diamond … the work, lot of price of the diamonds today so … build up our reputation.

I was very arrogant at that time, I would say I will show the world what I feel and what I think
would be the … now I wouldn’t say something like that. But at that time I was very strong and
engaged and now I want it to work hard to make the best.

Fulvio Maria Scavia diamond and ruby ring

We never went to S… we started selling our part and we were lucky because people understood
what we were doing and they paid.

I was very interested in art, in the sculpture and in the architecture but like concert, like field …
not the description of the details but the thing that is of the living.

Art can made to work in paper or in … it’s a concept which is … in the jewellery 90% of the real
value of the piece is done is given by the stone.

For me jewellery must be say a creation innovation and surprise, it must surprise and look just
perfect and then joyful colour, happiness it must give you pleasure.

Fulvio Maria Scavia diamond ring

I don’t want to speak about value with my jewels. You have to discover later that it is made with
very impressive stone.

I don’t want my pieces, even the most expensive, are kept in the safe, I want that they are so easy
so refreshing so happy that you have to wear.

If a woman buy by herself it is the pleasure of you know some very great and subtle mystery that
she can discover in the pieces.

Jewellery piece must be let’s say the secret language by a man to a woman. When you give a ring
to your wife, this ring will contain such a great value for her because you give to her with love.
That no price can pay.

Fulvio Maria Scavia diamond emerald earring

Very often most of the … we start creating a piece a shape and then we look for the stone, this is
why by chance we had to go into the recutting and shaping the stone, sometime we make it that
with a triangle modified shape diamond or emerald so we cannot find it and also we have to buy
the rough.

When I was younger I took a PhD in Geology and I studied … many architects about structures and
… morphology of diamonds … because they’re a piece of nature, they’re a piece of the mystery of
the earth.

I was in Russia six months ago and one lady very rich and also very beautiful lady and she say I
like very much but you know I am scared, why you are scared, I think that people don’t know
Scavia, I approach her and … to her … they don’t know but you know, you are the first to know,
ah she say great, yes I buy.

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