The Royal Jewellers S03 ep7 : RCM Jewellery [Valenza]

Interview with Lorenzo Ricci

RCM was founded in 1969 by three master goldsmiths: Lorenzo ricci, Adriano Corbellini and Guerino Manfrinati. rCM is headquartered in the traditional Goldsmith region of Valenza, italy, where tradition in this art dates back to 1800. RCM has established itself as a leader in the international jewellery market for its creative design and unique precious stones. Lorenzo Ricci prides himself on being able to create classic designs with a modern appeal. A design easily recognizable; a design that will endure time. in 2002 the city of Valenza bestowed upon RCM the award “ambassador of quality”.


My name is Lorenzo Ricci. My company is RCM located in Valence, Italy.

The spirit of the company it has been always to try to do the best of the best, to increase and to
improve the quality and the taste.

I start my activity in 1969 with the two partner. Me is Ricci, C is Corbellini, M is Monfrenate.
The three of us we are from the same village. We learn at the bench and in a laboratory when we
was 14, 15 years old.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

Valenza was known in the world for jewellery factories. It is close to our village. Of course at the
age of 15, since we didn’t want or we couldn’t continue to study depending on the point of view,
we have doing went a job a work, so it was easy to start with the jewellery.

Honestly speaking between me and the jewellery business it has been a love from the first moment.
It is difficult to explain why entering the smell of that laboratory see all these people working in
little things … it’s fascinating me.

And that period in Valence so there was two ideas of making jewellery. One was Elavio and the
second one is this company name was Carnivale Arnold & Giovanni. It really was a university.
You learn how to be a goldsmith because they was giving to you parcel of stones and they was
telling you put in the plasticine a ring or a bracelet or a brooch, without telling you what you are
showing to the owner, yes I like it, do it. So it was completely hand made.

Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio

I work in that factory for about nine years, they was happy in the morning to go to work and was
sad in the evening when I was leaving because I really love what I was doing. When I stopped
working in that factory I was one of the three best goldsmiths in the factory and there was 30-32
guys working there.

To travel out of Italy you have to know foreign languages and I went for a couple of years at night,
three times per weeks, that’s what allowed me to start travelling abroad. So first I went to
Germany, then to Switzerland, English I start to go to United States.

Of course I stopped work at the bench after we start our activity because I was mainly creation
today I am the creation and commercial, so I am the goalkeeper and the striker. I kick the ball, I
catch the ball because touch ground and I score. Sometimes.

Jewellery Theatre Elements

They have a couple of designers next to me that I give a kick, I say let’s try to draw flowers like
this, but not red, bigger, not roses they have to look like tulips or like orchid, … in my office I
have walls of design.

Every day is a daily, daily, daily because you cannot create when you think now you have to
create. The creation the idea it came by, when it want to.

Today there is a better market for serious, serious jewellery than for the smaller jewellery because
the middle class around the world they disappear. They don’t exist anymore, there is, they become
richer, that’s it so they have much more money to spend. The difficult it is with these people you
have really to have something to hit them to say I love it because they are being so you know they
are so much so spoiled.

Jewellery Theatre Fairytales

The gems, once you are known in the market when there is something they call you and they say I
have something like this are you interested on it of course, then name of the stone dealer who can
have something top, top level you count in one hand.

For what it is the quality of the make today we can do better than those day but for the quality of
the gemstones yes, it is true, in those days there was much more material and less demand.

That was in Asia one top, top, top I don’t say the name because it’s not fair, he say I would like to
have for my second wife a pink pear shape but really pink of 51 carats, not 50, has to be 51, 52
maximum, please find it, I say yes I do my best sir. Thank you, it does not exist in the world.