The Royal Jewellers S03 ep9 : Jewellery Theatre [Moscow]

Interview with Maxim Voznesensky

Jewellery Theatre was established in Moscow in 1998. Everything started from an unexposed jewellery studio and after eleven years the company has indeed turned into an internationally rated trademark. However, to achieve this you will need a team of like-minded persons ? partners and employees, who would live the life of your brand 25 hours day and night. I was lucky since I always had such people around. Currently, our jewellery house has two brands. One of them, Jewellery Theatre, represents 12 permanent jewellery collections, while the other, Maxim Voznesensky, is a sort of emperor lodge of our ?theatre? and offers exclusive pieces in single copies only.


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01.15 Jewellery Theater, for me this 'title' , it's a combination that for me has two meanings: one is a broad and the other is narrow. I think it's a work of art, you can wear it and you can put it on a stand and enjoy looking at it



This is not a made up story,. All my life I have been working in jewelry, only in jewelry, and 12 years ago, with my wife (unfortunately now deceased), gave birth to a just one child - this jewellery theater . She was also a very talented artist (painter) and we combined both our skills. This is the reason that in our products, there are male and feminine "influences and components".


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio


When I was little, I used to love to make things from metal, wood, paper For me it was important no to just make something, but also to sell it or swap for something. I always wanted to make things that make people happy and amaze them.



What inspires me, is everything that is wonderful in the world. The nature, people , works of great art and living painters



In the past there was the Tsar, there was the empire. Faberge existed and all their objects were made for the Tsar. Faberge did unique eggs, which no one in the world was doing. Nowadays , in Russia we have great painters, who continue the tradition of such greats as Kandinsky, Malevich, Chagalle and this is why you are seeing something different in my work . Russia has it's own unique identity and style in art, culture, ballet.


Jewellery Theatre Carravaggio


In Russia, there is a specific way of selling and presenting jewelry. It's store fronts/displays, decorations, it's a synthesis of different art forms - painting, sculpture 04.59 05.20 It's where jewellery plays the role of the main actor, where if a person looking at it, they speak to each other as equals



Where does it come from? You have to ask 'up there', I'm just a humble servant. I serve the almighty.



If you talk about us, were are people who are driven to do what we do. About others, I can't say. My artisans can be maniacs, they don't sleep, they don't have wives, no sex even!


Jewellery Theatre Elements


People want something more individual, more from the heart. This is when you honestly put in your heart & soul into a piece, when the whole team gives everything. No compromises, people prepared to give their life. They can die for this.



Behind me is a painting of my favorite painters. He is the husband of Jacqueline. When I see his art, I want to make things like these...



I think the price, maybe a bit more expensive, just a bit. It's not only design, it's also the craft with highly skilled special manufacturing . There can also be painting on it. The colour, the technology, the special texture. This is like a work of art.


Jewellery Theatre Fairytales


I've been coming to Basel Jewellery Fair for quite a few years but I didn't want to sell, until I had put together a fabulous collection to offer.



In reality, there are many stories in this business. Many too personal and I can't talk about all of them ...Once a client came in, she was a petite girl, beautiful, and wanted to order something custom. She took out a small ladies bag and pulled out a big mouse trap and she wanted the same one, but a miniature one (to put on her) and a working one. So that when someone touches it, it catches them!