The Royal Jewellers S04 ep10 : Leo Pizzo Jewellery [Valenza]

Interview with Leo Pizzo

Leo Pizzo was launched in 1971 and is one of the most highly valued jewellery brands in the world. The philosophy of the company is to carry out the entire creation of its jewellery in the heart of Valenza, Italy. The Leo Pizzo 'Anchor' collection represents balance and continuity, while the 'Hearts' collection embodies passion and the 'Flowers' collection is joyful and creative. The latest Leo Pizzo collections are 'MiHaiPreso' and 'black&gold'.


Foreign language [11:10 – 12:00]
Leo Pizzo actually is an enterprise with forty years of history, born with me personally. I emigrated to Valenza, a city famous in the world as “the city of gold” and I have learned the art of jewellery because there was enough creativity there. I was born in an area that actually is jewellery made in Italy. What is Leo Pizzo for me, I am sure it is creativity, expression of quality, a will to be always coherent with the poetry of the jewel and the creativity of the jewel.

Foreign language [12:09 – 12:49]
In Italy creativity is very important and recognised in everything, in all the products produced here. I arrived in a city like Valenza, because it is the world capital for creativity applied in jewellery. To be a jeweller is a classic art. Then it is a matter of expressing your capacity, your creativity, your individuality. I work with my hands. All is born by this creativity with one's hands so itis a pure art, but is also absolutely a pure pleasure to do jewellery.

Leo Pizzo diamonds from Valenza

Foreign language [12:59 -14:09]
Even though I trained in Valenza, there are schools like the workshops of Illario that were the best of what was the world of creativity and I had the luck to work with artisans that used to work only with their hands, that is to say gave volume to the jewels completely by hand. The dimension of the object, the practicality, take in hand the object is fundamental and was my big fortune. My good luck was to absorb this knowledge quickly, but the most important was to have great masters that teach me how to keep the product quality high, to use high quality materials, and most important, to have the knowledge of the object that you have to make, to create.

Foreign language [14:17 -15:43]
I have a great family, a great relation with my wife and my children, this give me serenity and tranquillity and allow me to do what I do without problems, without fear in doing mistakes. If someone is serene they can succeed to give serenity to his own trade and his own work. I am lucky because I work in peace and this peace allow me to do whatever I want to do, whatever I like, and fortunately I do beautiful things.

Leo Pizzo diamonds from Valenza

Foreign language [15:53 – 16:47]
One of my sons is here, another is about to graduate, he will graduate in ten days in mechanical engineering, so, surely he will contribute to the business plan and the organization in general, because nowadays creativity is not enough. There is also the need of technique, efficiencies and costs to observe. Poetry in design is not enough. We must be also be concrete in our execution. I think that my engineer son can help me in this.

Foreign language [16:57 – 18:48]
There is a little bit of everything inside me. Firstly I am a failed painter, so the creativity, the picture, can see frameworks, flowers and animal structures is very important, so, by this point of view this is an internally culture. Secondly, my costumers help me a lot, they give me their opinions and say me their preferences, but they also listen to me. The consequence is that I am free to create, but customers have expectations about my work, about some market standards. It is true, there is a lot of fantasy, and the trust of the customers allow me to be creative, but they also know that I will give them a product with certain standard, with a sense, a logic. Is not used anymore to build random, but with a certain market dynamic, in order that the product will be sold in the customer’s shops.

Leo Pizzo diamonds from Valenza

Foreign language [18:57 – 20:02]
Lots of curious things happen in this business. I collaborated with very interesting magazines, which allow me to know Sofia Loren, Carla Bruni. We worked with very notable persons. I am actually a little bit reluctant about being in the spotlight. This could be my little defect, but I am happy in living in this way, because I keep my family, my friendships, far from the spotlight.

Leo Pizzo diamonds from Valenza

Foreign language [20:13 –22:45]
Surely jewellery will exist forever, because it always existed, for example the snake bracelet exist from the Egyptian’s age and nowadays we continue to produce this kind of bracelet, so jewellery will exist forever. The problem is the market, the problem is the economic difficulty, is not the jewellery. I think we have two choices: the first is to maintain the quality, maintaining the quality we are all competitive.
If someone has creativity stand out from the mass. So, from my point of view jewellery will have difficulties, but just for those who have the aim to create low level things, commercial oriented things. Jewellery is, I don’t say that it is poetry, but surely is creativity, so if there is quality and creativity there will always be a future in order to make. This is my opinion about jewellery, particularly about Italian jewellery. Economic crisis afflicts me, but not so hardly to say: I close tomorrow. I am convinced that I have my space for my creativity, and I notice this because customers are looking for me, so I am worried but not a lot, the important is to be creativity and quality together.

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