The Royal Jewellers S04 ep2 : Bonato Milano [Milan]

Interview with Armando Pasini

Bonato Milano 1960 has established its boardless creativity, transmitting to its jewellery all the most ancient Italian techniques becoming an experimental environment. With its collections the firm shows what we define “artitude”:a new talent to transport in jewellery the vision, the project and the manufacturing skills of the most estimated and recognised designer, inspired by contemporary art.


Bonato is a company that was born in Milan in 1960. We buy this company, thirty years
ago so I try to meet my image, my idea of jewelry. 16:26

I'm godmi. I start to make the jewelry bigger than. I think it for one week for sure or my interior

Sixteen year old buy the Lombardi in a Roma, then I go home to make these kind of business
because it's my like, because it is my patience. In time I also did the former creativity part of
my character. I can show all my best in this kind of job.17:08

Bonato white egg in eagle claw ring

Roma is the capital of culture in Italy for the monument, for the history, for all this past. So when
somebody born in Roma. He born in open Museum that everybody can just get, all the
atmosphere, of the creativity of the style and many, many things, I don't know how can I
explain to you.17:40

Bonato cubic bracelet and ring

I don't like the classical jewelry for everybody. I like the jewelry for somebody for somebody
that can read. When I use the word read,is because I want to explain exactly this. The people that
know how read something, they like go straight for the same line. For me, it's the only way for
doing this kind of job, if you tell me you're doing this job because of the pieces you can sell
more than the other one, it's not my thing, it's not my feeling, I never can do. 18:23

If we were to arrive to be crazy, the secret is in the normal thing. It is important that you arrive
to see the normal thing. 18:40

Bonato skyscraper ring

Jewelry is fashion like it's accessory, like a nice bag, is one way for show the character of the
women. In my jewel I try to do show, to give the opportunity to somebody to find his
personality inside. That is my idea. 19:10

Bonato paved diamond rings

19: 18
The Italian jewels have to come back to the idea of maker teacher in the job. Our identity. So
we have to be Italian. We have to understand that we are to be Italian. We are inside of Europe,
we come from one of those country in the world and we have to go on like we make it, in
fashion market, with Armani, with DolceGabana, with Gucci, with everybody. So we have to
arrive to understand that we had to follow one way. We never set any compromise for the