The Royal Jewellers S04 ep3 : Jewlscph [Copenhagen]

Interview with Mai Manniche

Behind JEWLSCPH stands Mai Manniche - she realized her dream and started JEWLSCPH in 2005. Drawn by beautiful gemstones and fascinating colours, Mai started an exciting jewellery adventure - focusing on the making of precious designer jewellery. Since the very beginning Mai has created a great variety of designer jewellery from gold- and diamondjewellery to leatherbracelets and silver jewellery. From the beginning the goal was cear - JEWLSCPH had to be a jewellery company with jewellery for (almost) any taste - and therefore all the collections consist of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in a great variety of designs and styles. Common denominator for all the jewels is, that their are exclusively made in precious materials and precious stones - due to the fact that the quality is crucial for the beauty and durability of each jewellery. Jewellery stresses the style and personality of each individual woman. Therefore it's very important that every woman can find that piece of jewellery and the exact colour that suits her style and maintain their beauty for a long time. I'm very focused on, that I make jewellery for all women - not only jewellery in a particular trend or for one kind of woman." says Mai Manniche about her passion for designing jewellery.


Jewellery is far more personal than fashion. We can all wear the same black dress that is in fashion right
now but you will wear the jewelry, you would wear also in a half year or one year you get
another feeling with the jewelry, than you do with the fashion.01:16

Jewelry, it's a very, very important part of fashion. I think actually, it's even more important
than, than the fashion itself. View it like that, your jewelry is like an accessory like scarf and
shoes but it's not, it's far more than that. So that's why I think it's very important to blend in
with fashion week. For me if we were not here, it would be so wrong. 01:40

I've always done jewelry and no matter what else I've done. I have a Bachelor also in Media and
Economics from the University. I use to also work as a model long time ago, but the jewelry has
always had my attention. I love the sparkling, the precious stones, the precious material and
exactly what jewelry does for women, it underlines the personality.02:04

Jewlscph gold earrings

I fell in love with jewelry from I was a little girl. I made the jewelry you know, just the beads
and pearls back home on the kitchen table, it's a told cliché, but I did it like that. I started my
business six years ago and today I have it with my brother. He's a lawyer.02:24

The creativity, either you have it or you don't have it. It's something you cannot learn yourself
to be creative, either you love it or you don't love it. 02:38

I'm doing the design and then I have all the production in India, where they have the best
quality of the precious stones because I'm very focused on only using the best materials and the
real materials. Nothing is glass, siconia or anything. Everything is precious materials. 02:58

My inspiration comes mostly from two ways.It comes from me looking at other women. When I
see a woman I say ok, what would suit her, her face, because there is so much about the
earrings, how it match your face, what is the eyes, what is the length of your face, all that. I look
at a lot of women and then I look a lot in fashion magazines, in artist, I go a lot to Teethro, you
know to get the inspiration, like, I don't get it from direct, that point, but. a lot of you know,
when you see a lot of things and paintings and color combinations. 03:37

Jewlscph gold ring

I love Denmark and I love the Scandinavian local, so and I think that it's what my jewelry
express a lot because I use a lot of the colors, but still it has to be like most simple and there is
the big pieces that are not that simple but a lot of the styles are simple, but with the

I go a lot to India myself, so I go out to the workshop and I speak with Michael Smith, sit on the
fabric, make my collection and talk with them, what is possible, what is not possible and that is
also a part of, you know,the design process because I'm not the goldsmith. I need to know, ok,
what's possible to make in this kind of design and what is not possible. i make my sketches and
then I communicate. 04:31

I've never been like, I wanted to be aentrepreneurs, that is not my dream, but my dream was just
the jewelry, I love the jewelry, so I just had to do it. I had to find out what is, could I make it my
business or not.04:40

Jewlscph gold earrings

I've always been very focused from the beginning, that if I should have a business, the main part
about the brands today is the design process. It's the history behind the brands, the history
behind my brand, it's me you know, it's my ideas of the designs.What I don't have, is the
goldsmith work and that is why it was important that very fast, I got to India to get the
goldsmiths to get all the precious materials,to get everything like that. Here I design the dresses
to my jewelry. You know, I had an idea how should the clothes be , so we had most focus on the
earrings and the necklaces and all that. 05:34

And it's also something about love. When you think of a gift for her,you would think a jewelry
because jewelry can express love in a way that a clothing cannot.05:53

Jewlscph gold rings

I'm not Indian, but I like the way of thinking out there, you know, they're calmer, I like the way
that they behave nice, the philosophy there, of course there are bad things about their culture
also, but I like the philosophy that you have to be nice to every people on your way, you know,
because in Scandinavia we can be very rough, and that's a good in one way, but I mean to be
nice to other people that must be the real truth in life.06:25

My, it could be a man name also. So they actually expected me to come as a man, they thought
so, when I walked into the office in India for the first time, they would be like, only men and
they would be like, ok this is the model, this is the secretary or something. I'd be like, no, this is
me. I am My and then they would expect after me, come a man, but after me, my mom came.
So they were a little surprised. 06:58

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