The Royal Jewellers S04 ep6 : Roberto Demeglio [Torino]

Interview with Roberto Demeglio

True luxury: authentic value. Pure pleasure. Without ostentation. A passion for technique; an instinct for artistic craftsmanship. Eclectic creativity: the young designer Roberto Demeglio. Strong values: authenticity, understated elegance, outstanding creativity. A true balance of design flair, technical experimentation, and craft tradition .


Italian [11:29 – 11:48]
Roberto Demeglio, firstly, is my name. I am very proud that the brand has my name because in the lasts ten years I invested a lot in research, I identify me with what people want to wear.

Italian [11:59 – 12:12]
The amenity of wearing a jewel, is it's practicality, but essential that the design identifies with you. It reflects your taste and the pleasure of wearing a jewel.

Italian [12:25 – 12:46]
My grandfather in 1922 opened a jewellery shop. My dad was a jeweller too. But I am the first artesan in the family and for me it was immediately a very big passion since I was a child. I visited the workshops with my father, where they created the actual designs and pieces for his shop when I was child. I knew I wanted to do this job.

Roberto Demeglio spring jewellery

Italian [12:58 – 13:23]
I wanted to do something completely different because they were merchants, retailers and I am a designer and I make jewels so I chose something completely different from my family. The life of a merchant is not for me. I have the need to create with my hands. I need to draw.

Italian [13:37 – 14:54]
I started to train as a goldsmith very early,when I was thirteen. I was in Valenza where I studied in a goldsmith’s school, and in the afternoon I used to spend my time in the workshops to gain experience. For some years I worked in the classic artisan way because I was learning and I was fascinated by it. Then, at a certain point I felt the need to combine the essence of Torino, which is an industrial and mechanical and technologic city for the car industry, with the goldsmith art, which is something totally different. Thanks to this combination We were able to create a new jewel philosophy, for the market and above all for me because I was the inspirer. That was the first step of my modern professional and artistic career. That vision filled me with enthusiasm, and now there are almost 15 years that I carry on with this idea.

Italian [15:10 – 15:37]
This, my concept of movement and comfort is because I have pleasure that a woman can wear my jewels from the morning and throughout her whole day. Wearing it because it is practical and easy to wear. My idea of movement is an object that keeps you company, then the object becomes yours.

Roberto Demeglio spring jewellery

Italian [15:52 – 16:08]
I bought the second machine for 3D printing prototypes which arrived in Italy from the USA and I started to work using CAD design programs in 2001

Italian [16:19 – 16:23]
Female translator
This is his gift and also his own inventor.

Italian [16:44 – 16:51]
A diamonds chord very little and very soft that is this, and the craziest thing a costumer asked me was one of this two and half meters long, maybe to playing with. However, my idea is that my jewels must not stay in a safe-deposit box, they have that softness, that simplicity that who own it want to wear, have the pleasure to wear.

Roberto Demeglio spring jewellery

We made a very,very soft round pearls

Italian [17:01 – 17:04]

Female translator
This very soft.

Italian [17:07 – 17:12]
Female translator
They ask. A customer asked for a necklace like this. 2 ½ meters long.

Roberto Demeglio spring jewellery

Italian [17:54 – 18:05}
Female translator
I have combined the Turin engineering with the goldsmith art, if I wasn’t born in Turin I probably wouldn’t have had this idea.

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