The Royal Jewellers S04 ep7 : Visconti Pens [Florence]

Interview with Dante Del Vecchio

The name Visconti has been for the past twenty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification. It really seems that Renaissance in Florence is still at its liveliest. Located in a 15th century villa, Visconti keeps being stirred by intellectual flurry, the study of ancient models and of modern techniques in a constant dialogue and exchange of innovative ideas. This Florentine company established in 1988 is headed by Dante Del Vecchio, deus ex machina of the creative dynamism pervading Visconti creations. Led by his passion for vintage pens, he has been constantly in a quest for new expressions in the art of writing.


My name is Dante del Vecchio, I'm the founder of Visconti company in 1988 and we are showing in
Basel at the jewellery and watch fair show. This year for the first time is introducing a watch
collection together to our famous Bridge Case. 09:30

Twenty-five years ago, I've made and founded a company from scratch. It was willing to please
the things that I was not able to find in the market. We really invented collectible pens in a
period of time that pens were considered no just more than a writing tool. The idea was to make
the best pens in the world. 09:59

I studied Political Science, when I was young, I opened a pen shop in Florence, so I definitely I
have a big ground in pens. But my pleasure was to make writing instruments that I consider, you
know, a cultural event,very important for a human being. 10:23

Visconti fountain pens

At that time, they mostly for the brands were definitely, were Parker, Waterford and a little bit
of Montblanc. It was not such a big brand as it is today. What was missing is the fashion, is the
beauty, is the pens, made not as an industrial way but like you know, like a piece of art.10:49

First idea was to go back in the history, and we discovered forgotten materials. Think about that
I reintroduce the world, the beauty of cellulite. That is a plastic made out of cotton, natural and
I introduced forgotten arts like a screen show or like to make it a two to a pen or to a piece of
bronze and then only few years after, we became as Visconti jewelers. 95% of the production
is made internally. 11:27

After thirty five years I've made a watch, calling the watch, a bridge over time. The bridge is
the symbol of Visconti, that is the clip of the pen, a symbol of friendship, this bridge. If
people were bridge builders rather than border with the fences, the world would be much better.11:54

Visconti fountain pens

After so many years I can tell you is beautiful, but was not easy because while in watches, there
is a know-how, in Pens you have to build your own know how, because watches exist in school
in Geneva, of old jewelry, we have expert in pens, whatever you want to do, you have to learn
yourself. There is a lot of school, so I know every single thing that is ongoing in the last three
hundred years in Pens .Whatever I was able to write, I know I studied about that, and when I
wanted to make watches, I hired a guy that was making one of the best watches ever made in
Florence. It is the Panari watch, is my partner in Visconti. 12:47

Visconti has three variables; fashion, art, technology. The passion is the deeper knowledge of
what you're doing, of your business. The art, because we live in a city like Florence, and we
cannot separate from the history of Florence, that these five hundred years of solid art.
Technology could never be produced as a product, as to be made in the best of knowledge
possible and the peak of the technology, it can be even something that is completely artificial,
but has to be made with the best technology.13:36

Visconti fountain pens

To break the market, you need to either have, incredible new products, or an incredible
marketing. Visconti is not a brand marketing oriented. We are product oriented. We believe that
a good product can sell itself. So once we went in the market for the first time, we have
discovered that we could innovate an enormous amount of things in writing instruments. I can
proudly tell you that I have over twenty-five partners in pens, for example, the air reservoir that is
the way that the pens leak during their flight. A product was never sold in writing instruments,
never sold .ok safe lock is a way to you pen, the cap of your pen , they will never leak in your
pocket, travelling ink pots and special kinds of rings. 14:42

We have huge collectors, we have Sheik Alby. Sheik will be coming here the next couple of
days. They own over two thousands of our pens, you know. a value of hundreds of thousands of
dollars. We have huge collectors in Italy that they have every single piece we have made. But
Visconti is not only for collecting. Visconti is for everybody that likes to be pleased for a nice
men accessories.15:20

Visconti fountain pens

Usually the inspiration can come from any color. I can proudly tell you that probably one of the
best pen I've made for Visconti came after reading the Da Vinci book. I came with the idea to
make a divine proportion pens. it was a huge success worldwide. So you can be an inspiration
from whatever. There is nothing that was already written. You recreate your history yourself
everyday. 15:54

Two years ago when I was visiting a friend of mine, I see his kitchen that was made out of
lava material and because, the architect told me - Mr Del Vecchio , the lava is resistant to heat, a
resistant to breakage. So it must be useful to make pens. After six months I launched a
collection called Ombosaltis, made out of Basaltic lava, from Etna volcano. This is creativity.

We make and sell pens up to a hundred thousand users for a single day, writing instrument. So
communication with jewelry it is made for itself. It's art for our sake.16:53

We're partnered with a Nib manufacturer, we are the only one in the world to carry a rare platinum nib. We call dream
touch because it's soft like a feather when you write. We have a tubular nib, probably the only
company in the world to carry five different nibs in our pens.17:17

Florence, we still have one of the eldest watch, let's say clock, in the world. It was built in the
Palaza Vecchio in 1515. So over five hundred years ago. There is a street called via della R'Ollo where it
was the street of the watchmakers, Dante Legary was mentioning clocks in the divine comedy
nearly a hundred and fifty years before. 17:54