The Royal Jewellers S04 ep8 : Antonini Jewellery [Milan]

Interview with Sergio Antonini

Since 1919 Italian jeweler ANTONINI has been making jewelry for elegant, sophisticated women who want a product of great quality and tradition. ANTONINI jewelry is designed and made exclusively in Italy, and is distinguished by perfect details and innovative design, making these pieces unique. ANTONINI highly stylized collections in 18 kt gold, diamond pavè and colored stones represent the top of Italian creativity and style.


Antonini started from my grandfather in 1919 in Florence, after few years, they just moved to Milan
and I'm proud to say that we are one of the few Italian company who have the whole circle of
production inside Italy and actually in Milan, from the last sketch of a piece of jewelry, to the
Marquete, to the first assemble, to the final collection. 01:17

We, my family was doing this from 1919, It was my grandfather, after was my father, now I'm
in charge of that jewelry. In Italy was always very enormous, we had a big history about that
and that's the reason why we always use to work for us and for a lot of other big brands. 01:43

My grandfather, he was not really focused on jewelry. It was totally love, totally involved with
stones, special stones, unique stones, you know. For him the jewelry was really like, a beautiful
stone with like, four prongs, very, very little gold underneath and that was the ideal jewelry.02:13

Antonini Suite

I remember when they used to do the suites for Marias Callas, now the women, they want to
have something that they can enjoy. They just wake up in the morning, put on something,
maybe something that they can adjust and in the night, they just add a pendant or make the
chain longer. 02:38

I'm an architect. I was totally focused on something different and after I got involved. Because
it's part of you. You love something, you breathe something, you are at the table every night,
having dinner and ,you know, with this kind of discussion about what about this stone, what
about this cut, what about this new source and I was in the States, and got
involved with the a customer of my father, who said : you are here, you know the stones, in
Italy, why don't you help us to find some good workshops down there, it's gonna be easy for you
and I started to work with them and after I said; if I'm gonna do something for somebody else,
I'm sure that I'm gonna be able to do it for me. 03:28

I really like structure. I really like simple shapes, simple and a lot of our pieces, they're really
like, small, little models of architecture, buildings or something like that, that we of course,
adjust, you know, in order to be wearable and in order to be pieces for women.03:54

Antonini gold bracelet

I see what I did, I mean, from the first designs, from the first kind of channel of distribution,
twenty-five years later, of course, they still have some, good customers and good channels, but
everything is changing and I think we have to be fast too. Now we sell through Louisa
via Roma by internet and it's working very well for us, so I think we have to be very open, very
down to earth and to follow what the market is asking. 04:34

Even now that the jewelry, they're all, you know, single pieces and man-made and everything
we always work on the computer first, with the design first, with the market first, in order to see
that they really see that tri dimensional of the piece and it helps us a lot. In order to make the
estimate, in order to make the proper type, everything after that, it's finished by
hand. It's set in by hand, but still, with all the technology, it's all done by hand. 05:13

We are based in Milan, we live in Milano, we breathe the fashion week, we breathe the design week, we get
alot of new ideas, new and I really feel that as Italian jewelry, we always try to do something for
the beauty, we don't want to say from the label, we need to have that high added value. 05:43

Antonini ring

Usually you go to Basel art fair, see a beautiful object, with this kind of design, I can just develop a collection. It seems easy, it's
very difficult. Every year I say I cannot do anything else. I did everything, everything is already around, there is
nothing to do, I'm totally unuseful, you know, it's over and after you go, just make an example,
to Basel art , or you go to a small exhibition next door, or it doesn't matter, and you get inspiration. 06:24

I try to refine everything first and after we start to make different kind of Maquette , try
to understand the shape, if it's gonna be wearable on the women's body, you know,
because that's always to be something very female in a way, you know, I don't like angle,
I don't like when something is too sharp, it's beautiful as an object but not on the body.


After you just stay there and you spend hours there and you go every morning with my bicycle,
you know and then the pieces gonna arrive.But everytime you go to the workshop you say ok
this is a great idea, this is very nice, I think it could be, but it's impossible. So it useful to do it
and they say ok, let's find a way to make it possible. I really feel that if you're gonna be a little
bit higher, if you can you know, the shape looking this way, if it's gonna be you know, with this
kind of shank underneath, we can make it and you start the discussion and it's just gonna go on
forever. 07:48

Antonini neclace

Italian tradition is always to put the right, gold, the right front, not to skimp on something, I
think this is our secret. Really to try to make the best product in order to justify the fact that it's
our own product and it's not made in Asia, where you know, of course, you know the label is
different and cost per hour it's different and the final price could be sometimes different you
know, but the kind of finish,the kind of product is also different. 08:28

It's a tough time for Europe and I don't speak about Italy or about individual, you know, but for
the rest of the world you still, you know, all the countries with oil , well now it's great. You
could see the South America, you could see like Canada, you could see Russia, you could see,
you know, it's really working and even countries like Japan, they were really hurt, it's really moving .09:04

We have like one trading company for Japan, one trading company for Russia. Everytime they
try to ask me, I would love these but why don't you just make a twist of , I can understand that
for the final consumer, maybe it could be like a good chance, you know, but they really believe
that if you have your own style, you have to be really, you know, close with yourself and we
really have to believe in what you are doing. Of course you will have like long pendant earrings,
for beautiful Russian ladies or you know, and something more short, more conservative in a
different, you know, in a different length for Japanese people. But I think the collection has to
be exactly the same collection because that's your style, that's your soul.10:02

It's the most precious accessory that we can buy for our self. Not to show, we don't care about
the other people. We are not talking about the set,or the feeling or something like that. It's
really something we buy for our self, you know, it's something precious that we do for our own
pleasure so it's great. It's from the Romans you know, from the ancients, you know, they buy
like a small little gold, you know, it's a lot of meaning you know that. 10:42

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