The Royal Jewellers S04 ep9 : Giorgio Visconti Jewellery [Milan]

Interview with Andrea Visconti

Giorgio Visconti is an Italian jewelry company founded by its namesake Giorgio Visconti. Visconti started in the industry with only a small goldsmith shop which then grew to become a brand world renowned for its fabulously chic jewelry. The brand carries thirteen unique collections including; Philosophy, Destiny, Eclipse, Sweet, Joy, Eternity, Freedom, Cube, Cult, Wave, Promise, Love and Enigma. All of these collections share pure Italian style, superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. Another special thing about these collections is they all feature gemstones. Visconti prides himself on providing the most opulently gorgeous jewelry in the business, and it is fitting that every piece would feature shining gemstones.


Giorgio Visconti is a concept tracing back 1946. It was my father started the company with his
father at that time and the vision was to bring jewelry to the wide public. So we started branding
in Italy, really from scratch from beginning. 06:33

Based in Valencia, after few years, he started developing and doing outside. But the big step is
when he started entering the American market. At the beginning, doing something special for
big jewelers and in a second time, doing hisown branding over there. 07:00

I've been starting in Milan University and then I travelled the world, but it's again something
you cannot actually explain, actually. You leaving the family, which is leaving and working at
the same time in jewelry. So from the beginning I was already doing the shows when I was ten.

Giorgio Visconti ring

I was studying Economics and everything, but when I came to the business what happened was,
I just concentrate in doing or being a jeweler. Sitting down on the bench, it was not my style but
again I found that this job is to create something, to give something, a special feeling. It's not
only a nice stone.08:06

This is very Giorgio Visconti because the booth is where you chose your customers and we like
to choose them like, we are in a family, in our house. 08:27

I joined the company in a very special timing. Was 1996 when the real branding of jewelry was
just starting, especially the Valencia jewelers. Which were making nice pieces but not with a
brand image. if you want really to be a brand and you have to be a brand otherwise it's only
gonna be a matter of price. In a matter of price now in Italy, it's impossible to work, because all
the Italian jewelers are a small size except few big ones, but the rest, is99 per cent is a small,
small size, to be a brand for a small size is very tough. You got to be thinking globally. 09:20

Giorgio Visconti ring

Me and four designers and seven model makers. Two with commuter and four in wax. So really
from scratch. We normally start with the real thing, then we put it on the computer and then we
work from there.09:45

Inspiration comes from many, many things. When you are in Italy, the inspiration comes with
the beauty, our heritage and culture, but what I do most is doing with the nature.That's what
inspire me, that's what drives me. 10:08

We try to avoid to be geometrical because we think that especially, I'm talking about women's
jewelry. It's really not geometrical. It's something that is awake, something that is movement,
more organic. That's the reason why all that we do comes from a leaf, or a flower or whatever it
is, which is not geometrical at all.10:42

It is very tough to describe jewelry. Jewelry is prided, ninety per cent, it's something that, is a
symbolic thing to remember something and this is. I think ninety per cent of the people would
tell you that. For us, when we leave in another word, jewelry is to express yourself. 11:12

Giorgio Visconti ring

It's very difficult to create jewelry because it has to be very small. It has to go around the
finger,this is very difficult in creating, for creative part. It's much better we go to details than
the form, so we create the form and then, we really work on the details and when we can do this,
this is the most successful piece of jewelry.11:44

1997, jewelry was more or less equal. If you were doing something like that now, the people
you are going now, to our jewelry, they want something totally different. They want to feel
unique and we are developing pieces that are really not unique, but very small scale. In 1997 we
were doing large scale. Now we are doing small scale and with our know how, it's all been way
different. 12:27

Giorgio Visconti ring

The markets are growing and we have to think global. Thinking global means you really need
another size so what scares me is that we are so proud of our family business, that we are not
going and ready to expand it, to bring lot of family inside because you're gonna lose your
family. This is a big question mark, how do you maintain your soul and you grow.13:05

The funniest thing I think, is was when, when I was in, one of our big customers and he was
trying to explain the line he want to see and said, "listen what is your jewelry type, I can , he
was drawing like an a , like, on a big scale, at the end I said, ok, but this should be like 2cm ,
no, no, no, I want that size.
So you want a ring, something like 10 or 15 cm? What are you going to do with that? No fingers
are so big. Don't worry, when I use, when I want a ring. I put it in the window and that's it. It's
gonna cost you a fortune, doesn't matter. 14:09

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Giorgio Visconti