The Royal Jewellers S04 ep9 : Mahallati Jewellery [Dubai]

Interview with Mehran Mahallati

Mahallati Jewellery is a company that is well known and trusted throughout the Middle East as a producer of exclusive high-quality diamond jewellery. The company founded by the current CEO,Abdul Karim Mahallati, at the young age of 16. He found a passion for diamond and gold jewellery and created a jewellery company renowned globally for the flawless craftsmanship and the impeccable beauty of its creations. he took his infatuation of rare gems and translated it into the magnificent and unique pieces that can only be found in Mahallati Jewellery products today. With products ranging from extravagant and opulent designs using exceptional diamonds and precious stones down to effortless and stylish jewellery designed for every day wear, Mahallati Jewellery collections are extensive and unsurpressed. As a two generation family business, family values are the pillars in the running of day-to-day operations, ensuring trust, honesty and assertion of superiority to each and every customer."When it comes to buying jewellery, customers need to feel that they trust us in helping them make the right choice and here at Mahallati Jewellery we make sure that they can,"says Mehran Mahallati..


Mahalatti jewelry started off with my father, He started off at the young age of fourteen,
working in the markets in Iran as a goldsmith and slowly from there he picked up and by the age
of eighteen, he had his own retail store in the market in Iran. 14:41

From there, we moved on to Kuwait, where we have our own wholesale office for gold jewelry
and diamond jewelry and obviously from there picked up unto to the Middle East. We have
our own manufacturing unit in Vancox since the early 80's. Now we have ten retail stores in
Dubai, three wholesale offices, we have our own inhouse factor, of four hundred plus workers.

Mahalatti jewels

I chose to be in it, you know. I've seen my father work, I've seen my father buy and sell ,you
know, gem stones, diamonds, you know, things that I've never seen in my life before. It just, it
really interested me. I wanna be in this market, I wanna be in this field. Everyday you learn
something new. Everyday you buy something new. 15:45

Right after I was finished with university, I went straight into GIA. I did the full graduate
gemologist course and then from there I started working the factories as well, to pick up, you
know, the little things that I needed to know.Jewelry manufacturing, setting,casting, you know,
just little things. 16:11

And on my weekends, on my school holidays maybe you could say at the age of thirteen,
fourteen, I'd be in the factory looking at stones, sitting with the workers, see how they, you
know, make a ring, wax, you know, everything.16:30

Mahalatti jewels

If you just look around the booth right now, I mean, we have several forty to fifty karat fancy,
intense, yellows,we have a pear shaped, we have a radiant, we have another cushion cut inside.
The most remarkable stone that's ever been through my hand was this heartshaped actually here
in the photo. It's a forty karat intense pink.16:58

Before, it'd be, you have the jewelry in the shop, people would walk by, they see it,they buy it.
Now it's a lot of PR, a lot of marketing, a lot of advertising, a lot of infomercials, you know, tv,
radio, internet, Facebook, twitter. You'd be quite surprised what you find on Facebook
nowadays. You know, Blackberry messenger, you just take a picture, send it to somebody and
then they send it to whoever needs to see it and decide on all that and that's the way it's done.

Mahalatti jewels

I had a client actually, not too long ago, she said she wanted the biggest rings we have and I was
like; wellwe have a twenty, we have a thirty, we have a forty, we have a fifteen, we have an
eighteen, we have an oval, we have a D, we have a E, we have G, I'm like, what do you want?
take a picture and MMS it to me. You know and then they picked out, you know, because they
don't know the shapes and they're like, yea those two on the right, those two on the left, bring
those and you know,we'll decide then, said ok.18:06

We don't really work with celebrities so much and we have a lot of private clients.They've
bought our jewelry over the years and not , they don't even ask how much or this or that, they
just say make me this, we know how much we charge and that' it, more or less. We never
actually went into the whole celebrity thing.18:34

My sister has just started helping us, she just finished university. My brother is still in university
actually so after he's done, hopefully he'll be taking care of the factory in Bangkok and me and
my sister will be managing Dubai.18:57

Mahalatti jewels

Since we have the factory, we have two different lines of business. We have our retail and we
have our wholesale store. Wholesale, we supply to everybody. 19:14

We made a piece of jewelry. We spent three months on the piece of jewelry and we made the
designs, we made the mark up for very high net worth individual, making such a piece, literally
took about thirty people in our factory, working for two months, nonstop, together. The day
we're delivering the piece, you know. It was a huge necklace, earring and a bracelet, without a
ring, cause they didn't want a ring. We delivered the item, gave the piece to them and
everything and then they decided they wanted a ring, but the ring was, had to be obviously
something unique to match with everything else, because they were all somewhat interlinked.
The bracelet was linked with the necklace, the necklace was linked with the earrings, you know
and we had four days to make the ring and we literally had to fly two people to Bangkok,have
those people making it. Have another person fly all the way back, this is just the most recent
one. There has been a lot of crazier ones. 20:30

There's just something fascinating about an emerald,you know. A nice, clean, clear, deep, green
emerald, I'm just speechless. Emerald or even a sapphire. We had this one eighty plus karat,
verma, no heat, sapphire, you just sit and look at it for hours. 21:03

I don't remember the exact weight, but the weirdest thing we've made was a, it was an emerald
drop about this big and the guy asked us to carve his face and body, you know just him, into that
emerald. 21:33

Being the jewelry and having very big client base, it never really is dull, that's why I am, I enjoy
this business you know and if you have a boring day, sometime next week you'll have a very
interesting day. It'll just keep you busy for months. 21:53

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