The Royal Jewellers S04 ep9 : Butani Jewellery [Hong Kong]

Interview with Mukesh & Manoj Butani

Butani is an internationally renowned designer of haute couture jewellery. Their unique and exclusive jewels are much sought after by discerning clients. The company has built a reputation for creating personalized handcrafted jewellery for royal families, heads of state and private clients. In addition to their own boutiques they can be found in distinguished retail stores around the world. As a young man in 1969, Mr. Papu Butani arrived in Hong Kong from Mumbai. He faced tough times but his passion for hard work brought him success. Mr. Butani gradually defined his vocation to create fine jewellery. Under his vision and leadership, Butani Jewellery has since grown to an organization employing over a hundred specialist individuals worldwide. Today, Mr. Butani has been joined by his two sons Manoj and Mukesh. Their presence has given additional depth, imagination and energy to the thriving and ever-growing business.


We're based in Hong Kong. My parents came to Hong Kong when they were very,very young,
we were born in Hong Kong, we studied in New York and we both had finest jobs. My father
came to us and he said, you know what, we have a very good business, back at home, why don't
you have a look at it, see whether you like it and if you wanna continue the business that I
founded. 01:47

Our dad had set up a beautiful business for us and we came in and we're now taking it the next
level. We are creating our own brand, our own history. 02:06

We have now established four stores, three in Macau and one in Hong Kong and we do sell our
brand to other retailers, which basically we have a shop to shop concept. 02:19

Butani diamonds

Our style has really evolved since we come, before we were doing smaller pieces and we are
gradually doing bigger pieces, more intricate pieces. 02:35

We're always thinking about new designs. We don't mass produce any of our pieces, so we are
consistently and constantly looking and thinking and dreaming of new ideas. We have a team of
five designers and on top of that, my brother,myself and my father are very much involved in
the designing process as well. 02:53

Having been born in the business, we always had a handle on what they were doing. 03:05

I think it's in our DNA.03:07

They weren't pushing us, I think maybe slightly guiding us in the right direction maybe. It took
us time to get our foothold. 03:16

Butani diamonds

When we started in the business, his business was very straight forward. He basically create the
design, show the design to the customer, the customer will approve it and then you go ahead and
make it. That way of working has really changed. Now you have to build the product, take the
product to the customer and if they like it, you would then sell it, or you would try to sell it.

We do have interesting clientele, they do ask us to fly and come visit them, in far , far places.

Butani diamonds

So it's, you meet a lot of interesting characters apart and a lot of very successful people. 04:05

We have our own ideas, whether it's architecture, whether it's art, whether it's fashion, or
whether it's visiting trade shows, or visiting like different places in the world and we get a lot of
suppliers that come to us and show us important pieces and important stones. If we like
something, we can, we try to build a piece of jewelry around that piece, if we find a beautiful
sapphire, let's make a ring and if it's a beautiful emerald, let's make a pendant. It just depends
on what comes our way. That's why we are always looking. 04:44

Butani diamond rings

It's about status and it's about art as well. People wanna show that they can afford it, and those
who can do whether it's a man buying for his wife or his girlfriend to show that, you know, they
are capable of buying or whether the man, the man is now buying jewelry for himself. They are
enjoying themselves too and it's an investment as well. We've got clients who buy jewelry, who
buy imported rocks, for investment. 05:19

We had a princess that wanted to walk down the isle with a diamond bouquet. Not flowers just a
diamond bouquet. I don't think she threw the bouquet behind her or anything like that but she
definitely held the diamond bouquet which was just dripping down ribbons of diamonds and it
was really a spectacular piece. 05:46

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Butani Jewellery