Masterchef S01 ep7: Eric Frechon, Le Bristol Restaurant, [Paris]

Interview with Eric Frechon

You learn the rigour, you learn how to refine the things, but then if you are a real chef, you know exactly what you want to do. The spirit of Chef Frechon is the result of 15 years of work with others but then his own personality comes through.


KM: What is the Bristol Restaurant


The Cuisine of the Bristol Restaurant is connected to the image of this 5 star
luxury hotel. The cuisine is very simple but very sophisticated also.

KM: Why are you a chef?

When you are a child you play with the ball and dream of becoming a football
player. His mother used to cook very well, and was especially gifted with
patisserie. From a very young man he helped his mother and she gave him the

KM: How old were you when you really thought this was going to be your

When he was 13 years old he decided that he would become a cook. When he
was between 8 and 10 he was with his mother in the kitchen and he was
cooking pastries. When he was 13 he was still at school, but when he was on
his vacations he would work in restaurants in Normandy at Le Trepod.

KM: What was it about working in the kitchen in the restaurant that you loved,
what was the magic?

It was mainly the product they used to prepare. Le Trepod is a small harbour
on the Channel and every day they would buy the fish.

KM: Who were your masters?

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When he finally did finish school the chef sent him to Paris and that was his
chance. This chef placed him as a trainee at Le Grand Cascade. Once you
were in the network, let's say, this was it.

KM: Where did the influences come from for his food?

He was not really influenced by the creativity of this chef, but he learnt still the
basics, but more elaborate. You learnt the rigour, you learn how to refine the
things, but then if you are a real chef, you know exactly what you want to do.
The spirit of the chef is the result of 15 years of work with others but then its
own personality comes through.

KM: How can you describe your food?

The very first is the quality of the product, then comes the creativity which
might be in the presentation but also in the way in which you cook, but
simplicity is the main word.

KM: How do you maintain the freshness of the products today?

He checks the produce every morning,

KM: How difficult is it for you to find good products and produce in Paris?

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In Paris we are very lucky with that because the best of the produce is
immediately sent to Paris and in their place where they are grown, you would
not be able to find the same quality of produce.

KM: How do you compose a dish?

He works from his French basic traditions. Most chefs seems to travel but he
has not travelled a great deal, because he hates to travel. When he is not in
his kitchen he becomes quite anxious. Travelling is quite positive for him, it
broadens his creativity and is able to use the new flavours and adapt them to
the French cuisine, but still maintaining and respecting the old traditions.

KM: What are you trying to achieve?

My cuisine is quite simple, I have a good product and my mission is to make
the product live in its own flavour but emphasise this flavour with different

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KM: You don’t want to compliment it with a sauce or put another flavour in the
plate that is a contrast?

He doesn't want to make contrasts, as you say.

KM: Is it more like making a wine? Do you want the wine to be more like a
taste but then with a lot of subtlety?

Your comparison with wine is quite perfect - he says the first impression the
first flavour is the product and then you have what is left

KM: complexity

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KM: How do you know a really good cook?

He has three sous chef, he chose them because they compliment each other.
There is one who is called Frank Leroix - he is very regular. Chef says it has to
be like that it is always like that. The second chef is far more creative very
creative, and this one has won a number of competition and the third is a mix
of the two.

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