Masterchef S02 ep12 : Marcus Wareing, Restaurant Berkeley, [London]

Interview with Marcus Wareing

Wareing is Gordon Ramsay's partner in Culinary Crime. A fastidious perfectionism yields sublime examples of current food art.


Wareing: I was in a small competition for college and I was spotted by one of the judges who is a
very good friend of our … at this small motel and I went to this small restaurant.

Wareing: I left the Savoy and I took a year and a half, almost two years later, I managed to get
myself a position at the Garosh, back in those days it was a three star Michelin and probably still is
today, it’s an institution but then it was the really, one of the hottest kitchens in London at the
time, it’s where I met Gordon Ramsay, we were there together about almost a year.

Wareing: Back then there was only choices of restaurants to choose from. The best of the best were
best and you … the Dennis and that and the … and Marco White.

Wareing: The thing that sticks in my mind more than anything is the Marco White scenario where
he for me was the turning point of the cuisine in London today, once he opened Harveys and
became this chef that was obsessed with cooking and the determination to be the best of the best,
inspired many, many chefs.

Wareing: My focus was strictly on fine dining. I can’t cook for any more than six, seven, eight,
nine people at a table and I’m not interested in cooking for the mass, I’m not interested on cooking
for a dining room that seats 300 or 400 people. It’s not what I’m trained to do, I’m trained for fine
dining and cooking for the individual.

Wareing: Put some salt in, it’s what I don’t understand it’s 20 past 12 and you’ve given me a tester,
it’s too salty, the customers are waiting, what do I do? It’s not good enough. Ally can you sort that
out? I’m not serving it.

Wareing: Some seasoning. More salt.

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Wareing: Into the early 90’s and there was no large 200, 300, 400 seater dining rooms it was all
about fine dining and quality on the plate, when Marco opened the Canteen in Chelsea, that started
… started this unbelievable opening of restaurants that seemed to happen week in week out.

Wareing: 28 chefs in this kitchen. I used to run it on 16. So there’s more than enough of you, now I
want a little bit more drive in the morning and a bit more organisation and stop running around
like headless fucking dickheads. Get your … get your ingredients and be productive, be organised
and you’ll get there.

Wareing: Don’t do that, f*ck off you. Someone’s just spent all morning doing those and you’ve
just cut them and scraped them on like it’s crumbs off your f*cking bread. Nick, you as well
you’ve got soup over there that’s as thick as f*ck, the f*cking mousse on top’s f*cking too salty,
and we’re standing here at 12.30 like a bunch of c*nts and I’m being f*cking filmed at the same
time. I don’t want it. Let’s get f*cking organised and let’s f*cking move our arses.

Wareing: Laurie, wake up. Do you know what’s going on, because if you don’t, just f*ck off
downstairs my friend. Do you know what’s going? What’s going then, what’s on your order, for
that … yeah and is it f*cking started? Because I’m about to f*cking jump down your f*cking
throat young man if you don’t get that in the f*cking pan. It’s f*cking lunch.

Wareing: The dishes are all designed, they’re already taste checked, it’s about getting the basic
m… p… done correctly and it’s just a case of re… especially in the garnish section and just
bringing it all together, tasting right, cooked right, and seasoned correctly. The key to the success
of any good kitchen is in its’ m… p… and if the m… p… isn’t done f*cking properly right at the
beginning or it’s done with a sense of … and a little bit blasé in some areas, then nothing will
come together on the plate, absolutely nothing … have some …

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Wareing: Look, (yes chef) this hardly looks like f*cking … like that so take it off.

Wareing: Get the f*cking puree sort it out, a dropping consistency, smooth, nicely seasoned, I
don’t want it f*cking reheated all day, back on, back in, back on, back off, you f*cking heat it, you
get to the consistency show me the consistency what you believe, we put it into a little pan, we
cling film it, we sit it on the side out the way. When I want some, you take another little pan, you
scoop out just what I need and I’ll tell you what I want and put it on the dish. And that pan that
I’ve taken it out of goes. I do not want f*cking 10, 12 portions every time.

Wareing: Have you checked it to make sure it’s all tender yeah … vinaigrette yeah make sure the
cuts, if you’re cutting it the portions are all even, go table 16 please, 16.

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Wareing: I think it had … genius at what he does, but I think you should be just … then sticks to it,
he understands it, he believes in it, he’s created it, it’s all the guys that try to copy it, that’s where
it all goes wrong. Go, table 14. I’m not a scientist, I’m a chef.

Wareing: I’m making sure that we’re using some good produce from in our own country and the
waters around here. The downside to produce that comes from a long, long way away such as
Australia and South Africa and places like that is that the food is grown to travel. It ripens on a
tray, it ripens on a plane or it ripens on a boat and it’s not necessarily as good as what’s grown in
your own backyard. So I think there’s some fabulous produce around the world but try and stick to
what you’ve got where you are sort of thing and I know it’s very difficult but I think you get a
better flavour and a better taste. I think the produce around the world and what we get here is some
of the best it’s ever been.

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Wareing: Burn off yeah, burn off, burn off.

Wareing: People say that fine dining is dying. I find it a hideous thing to say because people no
matter who you are … think of food somewhere in your life or somewhere down the line. We all
love to be pampered.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Marcus Wareing, Restaurant Berekely, [London]