Masterchef S02 ep1 : Helene Darroze, Restaurant Connaught Hotel, [Paris]

Interview with Helene Darroze

Grand-Daughter of Michelin-starred Jacques Darroze, the belle-Helene has just taken over the kitchens at London's Connaught Hotel - Blimey!.


Darroze: I don’t like this the name of chef, I don’t like this point of view that you join the army
that’s one of the reasons I don’t want my guys to call me a chef, my name is Helen so say Helen.

Darroze: My grandfather, his name was John Darroze, he was a great chef in the 60’s he has two
stars Michelin.

Darroze: Cooking is my passion and I used to say that we are 12 children issued from my
grandfather and I am the only one to cook.

Darroze: My first memory is in the kitchen is in the farm where there was pigs.

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Darroze: It’s genetic sure, it’s my education sure because I am born in the kitchen and my mother
say to me that I didn’t know how to work and I was in this home with my … I go in the … and I
taste what’s inside, I don’t remember the first time I cook, my mother said to me that I was very,
very, very young when I start to cook an apple pie.

Darroze: For me cooking is very instinctive, when I think about a new dish for example, I go inside
me, it’s very, very difficult to explain but it’s something goes out from me.

Darroze: I used to say that I cook with my heart and with my with what I have inside, of course it’s
all my education the plate, it’s all the travels I can do, it’s all the people I meet and it’s everything.

Darroze: When I was in the Alain Ducas restaurants I stay there during three years and there was
then an Italian cook who learned me everything and of course all the dishes inside.

Darroze: We have just tried a new dish in the kitchen a few minutes ago, it’s a chicken roast and
the name is … Hanoi, come back from Hanoi, I stay two weeks in Hanoi in December, it was a
very important trip for me because I returned with a child with now my child I had a baby there so
there is a lot of emotion of course in this trip. Of course, when I come back, it was necessary for
me to cook some things, remember what happened there.

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Darroze: I need to speak about what I am, in fact it’s a bit like painting I’m sure that there is a lot
of Picasso inside of me, of course and I think that in every dish it’s the same thing.

Darroze: I only worked with Alain Ducas and after I work a bit with my father. I was very, very
lucky because at this time Alain Ducas has only one restaurant Le … in Monaco and he was
always at the …

Darroze: The first thing I learn with Alain Ducas is that in a plate the chef is not the star, the
product is the star. To succeed in the kitchen, to succeed in a restaurant, you have to choose the
best of the products and after I saw a way of cooking which is for me the real truth because it was
simply and the taste was there because it was not complicated.

Darroze: The second thing that was very surprising for me it’s this way to sit the perfection, I never
met someone else which was more perfectionist than Alain Ducas.

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Darroze: I spoke two days ago with another journalist from La … in New Delhi and we spoke
about the risotto and the risotto now is a dish where you can find … everywhere the man who
introduced the risotto in the world of cooking is Alain Ducas. Because he was in Monaco, before
Monaco he was in … so he was the south east was also this country.

Darroze: We can find also a lot of products of the south west because he was born in the south west
in Leon the … I remember that there was a beef from Chal… that there was chicken from Lelonda,
I remember some from Ladue I remember that.

Darroze: Some days my father tastes some new dish from my table and he say your grandfather, he
will be so surprised to taste that, that when he has died he can move.

Darroze: I think it’s normal needs, how you say … between all the things but it’s also it’s
technique in fact but after, after the products, after the emotions, after the feelings you know,
technique is after all that, for me.

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Darroze: I am sure that produce is not the truth. Everybody now thinks about technique, what can I
do with this technique. I don’t agree with them. For me the question is what can I do with, what I
am in side and after which technique I put on to my on my emotion but now above all with the …
and all these movements so the question is today, what can I do with technique, this is not my way
of cooking.

Darroze: I am very admirable in front of … but what I not agree with is the fact that everyone with
one to follow him and there is only one … and there is only one man who can do that with this
technique and okay … after … it’s only pleasure and I am very angry with that.

Darroze: Now it’s the season of the white truffle so we can speak about this … dish which is the
hascouten in my cooking and this is a dish from my country from the south west from Lelon but
completely reviewed by with my emotions, it’s very simple, something with maize flour in a
chicken broth cooked like that and after with mascapon and after with v… it’s a cheese from
France and after you put just the black truffles.

Darroze: At the moment we cook a f… with a French caviar in the same dish, very surprising but a
lot of success.

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