Masterchef S02 ep4 : Manuel Martinez, Louis XIII Restaurant, [Paris]

Interview with Manuel Martinez

Named after the King who just happened to be ordained on these premises over Two centuries earlier.


Martinez: This restaurant is called Roulez Louis the 13th because the King of France was
proclaimed King here.

Martinez: This building was the Royal College of the Grand Augustines when Louis was
proclaimed King at 13 years of age.

Martinez: The remnants of the Grand Augustines College is a site of French heritage, a piece of
French history, an historically significant place.

Martinez: In Paris my restaurant is considered a serious gastronomic destination. For me, it is the
most beautiful restaurant on earth.

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Martinez: I do it because it’s a passion. My grandmother had a small restaurant in the north of
France. I always dreamt of being a restaurant owner and a chef. The famous chef Alan Passard his
grandmother owned Le Mere Louis, a well known family restaurant it is often a family trait. A
question of following the family tradition.

Martinez: I have done a Tour de France apprenticeship. I began my apprenticeship at 14 years old,
my first teacher was G… Legay, he was a chef at the Ritz Hotel. He stayed at the Ritz for a long
time and I learned a lot from him. He was my master during my apprenticeship.

Martinez: What matters to me is the precision of things well done. The philosophy of using and
working with good produce. This love of getting the title of Best Worker of France, it’s important
to have a passion to continue to search for good produce.

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Martinez: Chef Legay taught me the art of classic French cuisine then I became the head chef at
the Tour D’argent for eight years. I practice classic French cuisine, I do not deviate. I do not mix
oriental cuisine or Asian cuisine, I stick with classical French cuisine. I do not mix cultures and
cuisine like other chefs, this can produce interesting results but I have stayed classical.

Martinez: My motivation is very simple, every day it is full here, the restaurant is very busy and I
need to manage a team and look after my guests. You need a lot of energy to go to the Halley in
Roget first thing in the morning to pick the produce. I’m not perfect every day, but I continue to
have the passion to do the best that I can. I love what I do, like here, you smile, you love what you

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Martinez: I’ve owned this place for 10 years now and before that I was the Tour D’argent for eight
years, and before that I was the head chef at the Ritz for seven years.

Martinez: For me the culinary style of Eskoffier is the best. But I use a lighter version because the
excessive use of cream and butter in Eskoffier style of cuisine is a bit too heavy now.

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Martinez: We make here traditional French cuisine but much lighter with superb produce, we add
no flour to the sauces. We use just a reduction of juices with a bit of cream and some butter, but so
much less than years gone by.

Martinez: It is a lot of fun here, there are a lot of weddings in the room underneath. Did you see the
room underneath? Miteron came to eat here. Chirak came also and lots of Heads of States, there
are always surprises.

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