Masterchef S02 ep5 : Alain Senderens, Lucas Carton Restaurant, [paris]

Interview with Alain Senderens

The "Master of Masters". Alain Ducasse was his protege. Great modern Chefs like Carlo Cracco, Christian Delouvrier and a long list of others have found their epiphany at this Parisien Temple of Gastronomy.


Senderens: Hello, my name is Alan Senderens and here we are at Chez Senderens my new
restaurant. Previously, I called it Lucas Garton and it had three Michelin stars.

Senderens: I am a chef that is always looking for something a bit different, but in creating this
concept of restaurant, I wanted to do something that works in this economic climate because three
star Michelin restaurants are very flashy, very chic, very expensive to run. With this new concept
we are much happier and there is less overhead for us and it is also less expensive for the client. So
everybody wins.

Senderens: In my family we live to read and eat. Food was very much sacred. I remember when we
were 12 or 14, eating at my grandmother’s every weekend. I have wonderful memories of this
because of course memories are always embellished, but it had an influence on my becoming a
chef naturally, without really questioning myself.

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Senderens: When I took the decision to change the style of the restaurant, we were charging 300-
400 Euros per person and it was a philosophical problem for me it was out of line with what is
happening now. I thought, this is ridiculous, I was calling it the restaurant races to the stars, each
chef was spending an enormous amount of money to make their restaurant more luxurious and
expensive. In hotels it is possible they can afford to lose money, but for an independent restaurant,
it is not possible to continue with this trend.

Senderens: I am lucky to travel a lot. I’ve been inspired by the things I discover. And when I am
back in Paris I adapt what I have seen to something that works here in Paris. I get inspired
everywhere. I used Thai spices, I use pistachio, coconut milk, lemongrass, American corn, New
Orleans style sauces that I mix with French ingredients. I am really already doing a bit of fusion
cuisine, but it begins with an intellectual fusion, I really enjoy experimenting and mixing all these
ingredients, but in the end I judge it accordingly and it’s either good, or it’s not.

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Senderens: I also work as a consultant for some industrial food companies but I mostly enjoy to
continually create and refine new dishes. I also own or part own restaurants all over the world, but
this I will keep to myself. I’m not interested in becoming a celebrity chef, I leave that to my

Senderens: As for the future of gastronomy, we are entering the period when the extreme haut
cuisine craziness is slowing down, there is an economic crisis in the world right now. People like
to feel secure, there is a trend to go backwards, we went a bit too far with all the luxury and pomp
fuelled by big egos.

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Senderens: Asia is my secret garden. I like to go to Asia not just to bring back new ideas for my
cooking, but also for another reason. That I keep for myself. I like to meet gurus and each time I
meet them I feel that I grow.

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Senderens: I can remember one funny moment when I was serving venison steaks on the menu.
There was a client in my restaurant, a precious stone dealer, who came in with two escort girls. He
called me to this table to tell me that the venison fillet I was serving was a cut from the knee. The
escort girls said to me, don’t worry about him, he’s a bit silly, he has a lot of money, but he is
stupid. The guy was so embarrassed that he left the restaurant.

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