Masterchef S02 ep8 : Tadashi Takahashi, Restaurant Nobu, [Melbourne]

Interview with Tadashi Takahashi

NOBU - Need anything be said? Robert DeNiro's infatuation on a plate.


Nobu: My spirit is the same as … spirit, fast things it makes my heart beat.

Nobu: … I used to work in Peru so sometimes we use a Peru and sometimes we mix our French
and basically we make Japanese and sometimes fusion.

Nobu: I am really interested in cooking since I was maybe 12 or 13 years because my mum and my
grandmum and my sister like cooking and sometimes I help them and sometimes I’m baking
cookie and they’re making food for me and now I became a chef.

Nobu: I start a high school student, I start to work Japanese restaurant part time, just started come
some time you know some time delivery and some time help making and after I went to cooking
school and then I start to work at Japanese, traditional Japanese restaurant.

Nobu: It doesn’t matter in Japan if I no go to school I can become head chef because for example
in this country, people have to go to school and then first apprentice, second apprentice and third,
fourth and then maybe become chef, but in Japan it doesn’t matter because sometimes people just
finish junior high school and then start to work in a kitchen.

Nobu: After seven years or eight years, we start to know what is cooking. I like cooking but I
didn’t know why I have to do this and maybe fourth year or fifth year, sixth year I start to know
okay because this one’s like this that’s why I have to do this.

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Nobu: I was working very, very traditional Japanese restaurant, it’s … or … where I was sous chef
okay, if I not quit job, other chef cannot love my job so always it’s a really small restaurant so after
me only boss, boss and then I’m the sous chef and the chef de pardi and always chef de pardi going
to be sous chef and then I want to quit job, I wanted to meet things. I went to other restaurant and I
know I think it was not interesting for me and then fortunately my boss friend and the son, was
going to open restaurant in London and then I went to there and I help them and then I quit there
and I moved to North London.

Nobu: Normally Japanese restaurant if I want to eat sushi I have to go sushi restaurant, if I want to
eat tempura, I have to go to tempura restaurant. But Nobu have all the tempura and the sushi and
the hot kitchen everything and then we have today everything and it’s really interesting because
something I never see in this restaurant I never see in this … I never use for example lamb or
rabbit, I never open pigeon or quail.

Nobu: I’m from norblundan, norblundan doesn’t have a with the oven you have to have pizza oven,
we have in Nobu Hong Kong House, Nobu Barclay House, we can make a new dish from a pizza
with the other.

Nobu: French guy sometimes making Japanese food and they have a different mind, it’s not wrong,
it’s right, but we never think how okay, it’s a really good idea, for example slow poaching you
know, same temperature and cooking for example 50° cooking meat, put in the meat back in bark
and in a poaching machine and 50° one hour, two hours, meat become really soft.

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Nobu: The Japanese quantities, just the taste main ingredients, just re imaging. Sauce is something
main ingredient because sauce become … fish … meat.

Nobu: This country is very hard to import few things from other countries but in Japan we can get
anything. For example okay maybe 30 or 40 years ago we didn’t know why, but now everybody
knows why, French wine and Italian wine.

Nobu: Japanese people always eat no bread, rice. That’s why you know normally eating food with
rice, sometime you know not eating rice, just start doing things saki and then eating foods, it’s
actually eats the same things.

Nobu: I came England from Japan. And the five things I realised I have to change my mind
because still a lot of people so specially the old guys doesn’t change mind because they’re working
for example London maybe 20 years or 30 years, they are example Nobu in the Japanese sushi
restaurant and working with a 40 years but they don’t change mind, always Japanese mind, so I
think for example here it’s Australia I have to learn English, I have to learn you know okay all the
cultures and the Aussie food have French food, Italian food because here is not Japan.

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Nobu: For me it’s a good chance because now I’m head chef here but if there is another restaurant
in the world I’m not here now, maybe I’m in Japan of course I have to take all responsibility here
but so far I’m enjoying.

Nobu: Near England there is France, Italy, Spain, they can get ingredients from French foods,
Italian foods and for example scallops, France has good scallop, but here around Australia just sea
and we cannot get a good scallop actually. Sometimes we have to order to France, some ways are
much better the England, you know after we open salmon we take off bone but some salmon is too
good, meat still arrive so we cannot take off bone it’s really, really hard, a lot of time like this.
Sometimes we use but it tastes good because it’s fresh.

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Nobu: I never tried ocean trout England, I came here and tried, here it’s amazing. Looks like a
salmon, but it’s a completely difference after taste yeah oh, this is salmon, this is an ocean trout,

Nobu: Last month he was here, he come from LA, he have to take one day in airplane, he got lost,
he leave … but he’s really, really powerful maybe after arrive here, three hours, he’s okay he’s in
Australia working and on the TV and the magazine and leave here and going to Hong Kong or
going to Japan or going to England, always he is doing like this, I think 10 years, 20.

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