Masterchef S03 ep5 : Michel Roth, The Ritz Restaurant, [paris]

Interview with Michel Roth

He chose at the age of 15 years, his job: cook. Apprenti à l' Auberge de la charrue d'or à Sarreguemines, il enchaîne les postes à l' Auberge de L'Ill à Illhausern , le Crocodile à Strasbourg , deux Grandes tables étoilées en Alsace et Ledoyen à Paris . Apprentice at the Inn of the plow gold Sarreguemines, it connects the positions at the Auberge de L'Ill in Illhausern the Crocodile Strasbourg, two large spreadsheets starred in Alsace and Ledoyen in Paris. En 1981, il entre comme premier commis au Ritz, place Vendôme . In 1981, he became a chief clerk at the Ritz, Place Vendome. Il collectionne les trophées prestigieux, prix Taittinger en 1985, Escoffier en 1986, Bocuse d'or et Meilleur ouvrier de France en 1991, il devient chef de cuisine de L'Espadon en 1992. He collects trophies prestigious Taittinger prices in 1985, Escoffier in 1986, Bocuse d'Or and Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1991, he became head chef of The Swordfish in 1992. Le 10 juin 1999, il quitte la place Vendôme pour l'Avenue Franklin Roosevelt chez Lasserre , à la retraite depuis 1997. On June 10, 1999, he left the Place Vendome to the Rue Franklin Roosevelt in Lasserre, who retired in 1997. Puis le Ritz le rappelle en septembre 2001 ce qu'il accepte. Then the Ritz recalls in September 2001 that it accepts. Chevalier dans l' Ordre national du Mérite en 2003, puis Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur en 2006. Knight of the National Order of Merit in 2003 and Knight of the Legion of Honor in 2006. L'Espadon a été récompensé d'une deuxième étoile au guide Michelin en mars 2009. The Swordfish was awarded a second Michelin star in March 2009. Il est le cuisinier français le plus titré. It is the French cook the most successful. Il sait tout en préservant la tradition assurer la continuité de la haute gastronomie française. He knows while preserving the traditional continuity of French haute cuisine.


The restaurant; The ESPADON is our gastronomic restaurant , this is French gastronomy in
its purest form, this is the place to eat whilst at the Ritz.

I wanted to be a Chef for as long as I can remember. At a young age, I used to help my
mother and my grandparents cook and make cakes. It was the idea of uniting around a
table, eating well, the beautiful odor's, giving pleasure to people, this made me want to

At the age of 12, I liked to cook, I did not know if I wanted to become a chef but when I
started my apprenticeship, working in a brigade from 15 to 18 years old, there started the
motivation, the passion, to do this job.

My apprenticeship was in Sarreguemines, 100 km from Strasbourg in North East France,
then I worked in Alsace, and at age 20, I came to Paris.

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My apprenticeship master was Mr. Charles Hermann, he really looked after me because
the formative years are so important, then in Paris it was Mr. Guy Le Guay, who became
the head Chef at the Ritz, he taught me about diversity, creativity, sense of detail, he
passed on his passion to me really!

I started here as a cook at the age of 22, then I rose through the rankings at the Ritz,
became sous chef of Mr. le Gay in 1999, then I was head Chef at Lasserre for 2 years, and
came back as executive chef in 2001,

My style of cuisine is using the basics of French cuisine, this goes very well with the Ritz
here, where french cuisine is expected.
My cuisine is based on fresh quality produce, seasonal produce with a personal touch,
modern, audacious but within the principals of French cuisine.


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Yes, here we have clients from all over the world and when they come to The Espadon,
they come for the cuisine of the chef at the Ritz,
We are here to satisfy our clients, in a palace in the kitchen you have people from
everywhere when they want japanese we have a japanese chef, if they want lebanese we
have a lebanese chef, if we are asked to do client's personal recipes, we do them, we are
here to satisfy our clients. Each time we have to think about how to do things, we adapt to
our clientele. Our great joy is making our clients happy. 6.36
We also have a lot of clients who come regularly and ask for a dish, even when it is not on
the menu, we try to respond to special requests, a Turbot with hollandaise sauce. Here it
makes us happy to satisfy our clients through the recipes that we offer and it is one of our
strengths to be able to respond to particular demands, you need a high performance team,
you have to reshuffle tasks to respond to all these requests.

The difference with a restaurant is that particularly with a place like the Ritz is that we
never close, 7 days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner, cocktails, banquets, it never stops.
It is very particular to a house likes this, you have to know about this kind of place, there
are 6 restaurants, it fuses in all directions, when you are at the head, you need a good
team that you can trust, you need to delegate, you cannot be everywhere.

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Our produce is very exclusive, lamb from Quercy, scallops from the bay of the Seine,
certain poultry's. Our vegetable producers only sell very small quantity and only to high
end restaurants. We search for the best produce, but of course it is what we do with this
produce that is as important and will make it exclusive.

Our signature dish is a Sole with mash, baby artichoke and preserved lemons. This dish is
topping all sales, it is our signature dish. This dish is now changing with the seasons, now
we have the mushrooms season, we add cep mushrooms. It is our main seller, it's a dish I
personally adore, our clients like also, we always make the same recipe but with
variations. The other dish is sweetbread, a connoisseur dish, we have clients who come
here specially because we serve it crispy but soft inside and of course there is the foie
gras, a dish the Ritz is well known for, many restaurants serve foie gras but our recipe is
from Auguste Escofier, that we adapted and it is a must here at the Ritz.

The whole world comes to the Ritz,it is great, we are used to it but every person has their
own preference, cooked vegetable or crisp vegetable, with salt, no salt, with pepper, no
pepper. You have to be vigilant. The most important thing for us is to make them happy.
But nowadays more and more people now just order from the menu without to many

Dustin Hoffman is a very pleasant man, he likes to joke.

Of course some celebrities impress me more than others. In France, I like the President
Chirac and Zinedine Zinane, because I like football and they came here the day after he
gave us the world cup. Each personality has an aura and you can feel it, of course it is bit


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I really think that the Ritz is a very unique place and apart from once, it has always been
the sous chef that succeeded to the chef. I hope that it will continue like that. Right now I
have a sous chef that is very young but very talented, maybe it will be him. So you might
leave but in the same time you stay a bit because you formed the next chef, I hope it will
continue like that at the Ritz.

The family Ritz founded this hotel. They are not any more involved in the hotel business.
Escoffier was the first Chef at the Ritz. We now also have a cooking school named after him
at the Ritz.

If you compare the menu of Escoffier to the menu of today, it's quite different and yet
today's menu borrows from the formidable recipes of Escoffier.

Some of the classics which we still offer today include the "PEACH MELBA", a dish Escoffier
was asked to create for Dame Nelly Melba by Cesar Ritz.

I don't know if there are other places like this one, I don't want to say we are the only
place that counts, but I think that the Ritz has a very important place in the history of
French cuisine, in the beginning we had Escofier and everything that followed
afterwards stayed on that level and we are still part of the making of history in french

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