Masterchef S03 ep6 : Michel Rostang, Restaurant Rostang, [Paris]

Interview with Michel Rostang

Michel Rostang is one of Paris's most creative chefs, the fifth generation of a distinguished French "cooking family." His restaurant contains four dining rooms paneled in mahogany, cherrywood, or pearwood; some have frosted Lalique crystal panels. Changing every 2 months, the menu offers modern improvements on cuisine bourgeoise. Truffles are the dish of choice in midwinter, and you'll find racks of suckling lamb from the salt marshes of France's western coast in spring; in game season, look for pheasant and venison. Year-round staples are quail eggs with sea urchins; fricassee of sole; quenelles of whitefish with a lobster sauce; canard au sang (duck prepared in a duck press with a sauce of red wine, foie gras, and its own blood); and Bresse chicken with mushroom purée and a salad composed of the chicken's thighs.


Michelle Rostang is a Persian restaurant in the 17th era very close from the Arc de Triumphe on the
right bank of the Seine.

Michelle Rostang is a fifth generation of chef. My father had a restaurant with 3 star Michelin, my
grandfather was a 2 star Michelin and my wife is daughter of a chef who had a 1 star Michelin too
… and I decide when I was 30 years old to come to Paris.

Why cooking? Because you live in a chef family in the country, your life is there you don’t think
to do as a think sometime when you are young boy you help in the kitchen when you are young on
a Sunday you know when it’s busy and so it’s natural.

They train me when I was young, young and after I go to hotel school and restaurant school and
after I make we call a Tour de France you know you go working in some one year, one year half,
two years in a restaurant to learn because in a school you don’t learn to cook you know maybe the
base of the kitchen of the food but not exactly what you have to do what to cook so is better to go
around France and to see to work with some chef with a big personality that’s important.

You make your classic base in the school and after you know how to do something classical and so
you can work in a hotel restaurant.

I was in the country in Gron… so my father said tell to me you have to go to Paris during 3-4 years
because Paris is the heart of the good restaurant, a lot of good restaurants so and first time I came
my first time in Paris when I was maybe 18 so I was a very young guy you arrive in a … a very
well known restaurant. For me it was very interesting, I have never seen that before you know
because I was in the country, was slow in the week, busy on the weekend you know … came in the
brigade you know with trick the hole when maybe in the kitchen was maybe 15-20, 25 people so
… you run the discipline you know. Several level you know the sous chef, the … you know so is in
my father’s restaurant in Gron… was maybe 10 cook altogether. I spend maybe four years in these
two restaurants.

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And after I got to the 2 star Michelin B… I worked Le M… in Paris too, was a very famous
restaurant at this time for seafood restaurant and after I came back to my father restaurant for the
Olympic Game in ’68.

When I was 25 years old my father left the cook de jour and buy a … in … was a very famous
restaurant was in Bangkok was at auction and said maybe tomorrow we be not there any more I say
ok are you ready get the restaurant I say ok. We win the auction so I have the restaurant and he
leave the day after 25 years old I have star Michelin and 25 people working with me and was just
buy it.

The first restaurant was smaller but after we can buy a side left side right side

Kostas: And did it take you long to get your first Michelin star?

One year.

Kostas: And then the second?

One year after.

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Since ’78 it was the beginning of the end of the nouvelle cuisine, nouvelle cuisine start about ’60,
’70 maybe ’70 with … to ’80. For me … cuisine the good and the bad.

What brings nouvelle cuisine was a real test of the product you know and to help the chef to try to
have the best products the good products and cook very more simple you know not big sauce so
and the sauce came lighter, less cream, less butter.

I been once through to F… it was a very nice night. I was invited with two other chef with … and
… I have very interesting night like … but for me it is not my way, now you have a lot of people
want try to do what you make but have not the techniques they have not the material to do that.

What is … my food is classic modern. I have some classic … that I use we don’t change we still
have the sauce but more light, what is modern is maybe the presentation it may be more modern
that we did 15 years ago some time when I see the place we did 15-20 years ago I say oh, it’s not
possible to do that now you know that’s a, it is more the presentation than the taste.

I am very proud from the season of the month and we use fresh vegetable … vegetable unless in
winter time from December to March whereas during this time we have about 10 dish with
vegetable. Here we have served … mushrooms are coming so there is a lot dish with … mushroom.
In the next two weeks we have the …

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We use a lot of freshwater fish because I’m from the mountain so we use … chevalier, perch. For
lunch today we served big trout from the lake, was a trout like a salmon was a wild trout from 5kg
and we have some specialities that we have from 30 years. The … you will see maybe tonight the
… we cannot change that because people ask.

Twenty-five years ago when in France when you travel you went to a restaurant for something
special you go to P… for crayfish gratin, P.. for brioche foie gras, to T.. for salmon with soul
source you know and I think now it’s coming, it’s lost that.

I have six restaurants and I was the first chef in Paris, I say the one, the first one to open a bistro. It
was in ’87 and I have consulting, I am in Dubai ,I work more than 10 years with
Meridian Hotel all over the world and now we are going to open in Marrakech in Morocco.

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It is a pleasure to travel up the river to bring my people with me because they are the people, my
head chef for all my restaurants is working for me for more than 20 years so is a, they give them
the opportunity to travel to see other things, my chef now is in Dubai for three weeks.

I had my first restaurant in Los Angeles in ’85 or ’86. I invest there with some American people
and we keep the restaurant nearly 6-7 years and some time … I was chef too at Pre… Hotel in New

There was a guy from Dubai he didn’t know my restaurants in Paris but first time he come
restaurant in Dubai he said I am drinking … and nobody come see, come to Paris and two weeks
ago he came here, he buy all my Chateau Latour.

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