Masterchef S03 ep8 : Gerald Angelmahr, Restaurant Korso, [Vienna]

Interview with Gerald Hartnett

Angelmahr's new concept is just as interesting as the exciting contrast between the Korso's historic dining room and its illuminated onyx wall. In line with his casual style, Angelmahr combines traditional dishes with creative innovations. Born in 1981 in Schwechat near Vienna, Gerald Angelmahr spent his apprentice years at the famous Hotel Imperial in Vienna. Between 2003 and 2005 he assisted in the opening of the Hotel Le Méridien Vienna as Chef de Partie. Following successful steps in his career at award-winning Restaurant Meinl am Graben and design hotel Aenea in Reifnitz at Lake Wörthersee, Carinthia, Angelmahr returned to the Hotel Imperial in 2007. As Sous Chef he pampered state visitors and crowned heads as well as the guests of award-winning Restaurant Imperial with his culinary creations. The 27-year-old newcomer was the winner of "The Young Wild Cooks" competition in 2007 and underwent practical training with star chef Ferran Adrià."

The restaurant Korso in Vienna, Austria has a very big name and it is a big challenge to be
allowed to serve their clients.

It started at a very young age for me. At a certain age you know what your destiny will be and
you think you know what you would like to do in your life. And I realized that I had lots of fun
to deal with food, and then it was only a mater of time for me to be involved in food and the
apprenticeship in cooking. After college I chose already the cooking speciality whilst still
studying and it became clear that I wanted to choose this profession. Afterwards I applied in
the most famous restaurants in Austria and was lucky enough to be accepted. My learning
started with a very good cook as a mentor at the Hotel Imperial.

In Austria after high school you still can keep studying and have the opportunity to specialize
in cooking. My expectations about the job were fulfilled in the apprenticeship.
and now I am here!

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In Austria, I had the chance to work under the direction of Mr. Siegfried Krôpfl in Hotel Imperial
where I did my apprenticeship. I got a position with the 3 star Michelin Joachim Grabwohl in
Vienna those are the 2 cooks that influenced me the most under. If you looking outside of
Austria there are very well known name like Eckhart Witzigmann and Ferran Andrea for
example and I will have the chance to study at Ferran but you don't copy him, you get
guidelines you learn from books and also techniques to make your own way of cooking. At a
certain age you get the approach to make your own creations.

Austria has a culinary tradition, when you visit Vienna you have big star chefs that mix the
traditional cooking and the contemporary.
My cooking is contemporary that includes traditional dishes for example, Vienna schnitzel with
modern variations. I am working with produce from the european and local original produce. I
am not leaning to the Viennese cuisine, but more to the French cuisine.

The produce is the main part of my cooking it is a clean and light style so for example I mix
meat and fish, or fish with ladder, spanish pork, such things that european produce.

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The difference with other restaurants is the presentation of the dishes and the combination of
the produce.

The produce must not be distorted. For example the fish steinbutt is not confronted with
strong intense spices but if I combine Steinbutt with ladder, both of them will have the upper
hand and there is not much else added. I have a variety of basic spices that I like to work
with but when I order a fish I like to taste the fish. You should recognize the taste of Steinbutt
and not the spices always the spices are not overpowering. You have to taste the taste of the
Steinbutt not the spices and should not be distorted by the spices. There has to be an harmony.
It depends on the produce, I have dishes that combine 20 spices but the measure is so subtle
that you don't recognize each of the spices. There are dishes where only salt and pepper are
added and some good selected olive oil. But it is specially selected olive oil and selected salt
this is the most important. We have dishes with 20 spices and dishes with only 2 spices it all
depends. it is all about the basic produce so

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I have to say that we are proud to have in Austria fantastic produces like we freshwater fish
that live in clear water, and great venison and cattle that live in green pastures and
mushrooms. And with all that you can make something really good.

There is nothing that is produced just for us but we source our produce from great suppliers to
the gastronomy, they supply us with vegetables and fruits, some vegetables which nowadays
are forgotten but are again cultivated. We have the resources to get such quality produce for
example often tomatoes are looking very good but have no taste. As a cook you know that
tomatoes which have scars tastes better. Even if they don't look good we use them because
they taste better. Turnips or pastinaken are typical vegetables that have been forgotten.

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The only dishes that are requested from my predecesors are the ones that I don't serve! I
explain that I have a new style in my menu.

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