Masterchef S04 ep1 : Mauro Colagreco , Mirazur Restaurant [Monaco]

Interview with Mauro Colagreco

Only after the tragic death of Bernard Loiseau in February 2003 did Mauro decide to move to Paris to work at Arpege, the legendary restaurant run by Alain Passard.  He would stay there a year and a half working with this true craftsman of the kitchen, which would allow him the chance to develop his own sense of creativity, his attention to detail and his imagination. In 2004 he carried on his journey, curious to learn about cooking in a luxury hotel, and had the opportunity to work in Alain Ducasse’s restaurant in the Plaza Athenée.  This experience taught him the idea of perfection, refinement and rigour. At the end of his stay in Paris he spent a year at the Grand Véfour. Working with Guy Martin allowed him to develop his own personal style as chef. Early 2009 The Mirazur is chosen as the 35th best restaurant in the world according to the San Pellegrino classification.


Mirazur is a nice restaurant near the border of Italy. We try to explain the regular, the products,
the fish, the lamb of the mountains. 01:37

It's a small team for this kind of restaurant. We have ten people in the kitchen and eight people
in the service, in the restaurant. It's really like,come to,to my home. 02:09

I'm born in Argentina, but I come from Italy family. I live in La Plata City, near Buenos Aires.
My grandparents live in Tandelicen, a town 400km from La Plata. When we gone there, for visit
my grandparents, for their festival days, New Year, for holidays, Easter, Christmas, so it's
always a party, it's always big tables with a lot of people and that, I think is the reason I chose,
make this beautiful métier. 03:01

First I start to learn Economic. When I start to learn kitchen in Argentina, I start in a school.

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In Argentina, I have a ten hours for a week in the school and when I come here twelve years
ago, I have twelve hours a day. So that is the difference. In Argentina, we start to take a kitchen
restaurant serious, only fifteen years ago.03:59


Here in France, when I come in for my first time in a kitchen, is in BerneRussell in Solaire. I
kindofbrigadierof thirty people. I have liked a service militaries, you have the chef, sous chef,
premiere chef of the party, souschere and there, I see the difference. 04:38

When I come here in France, I come share for my experience for two, three years. When I start
to work in this kind of restaurant, I become different. I understand the quality, perfectionist,we
try to make in French kitchen, or in a big restaurant, not only in France of course and that, in
this moment I make it click, I try to make always better. I start to think perhaps one day I open a
restaurant here in France. 05:31

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A lot of people ask me,"What kind of kitchen you make?" Morro, in all this time I think it's,
exactly that. I'm born in Argentina, Italian blood, I learn here in France with the biggest chef. I
not make Argentinian kitchen, I not make Italian kitchen and I not make French kitchen. It's a
mix of that, but it's really the personal addition of this French techniques, of this Italian kitchen
of the flavors,taste and kind of Argentinian kitchen or you have a stronger,the meats, the meats,
the vegetables.06:37

I have been lucky to work with big different chefs, so my first one is Derma Russell, I so lure,
from Bergan, I love the stock, the sauce.The personality is a man who, the big chef. For my first
experience here in France, I see this man, all time with energy, abig manager, big businessman
and I say,"Wow, that is kitchen?" But in my kitchen, I take the stocks, the sauce, all of the
production, the vegetable puree. 07:33

After that I leave to Paris and I start to work with Alain Passard in 2003. I come to Alain
Passard to larpes like come eat the cuisine and two years after I finish with like sous chef. For
me it's my big experience in my career. 08:13

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Alain is a magician . I see Alain go to the fridge, take an onion, one onion and make a plate
with one onion. Is really,really a magician. He has another vision of the kitchen. Totally
different like the other restaurants. I start in the vegetable sections. 08:54

After Passard, I go to Plaza Athenee with Alain Ducasse and there I totally different at Alan
Passard. I finish like sous chef in Larpes and I come to Platasenay like Demeter de party. There
is a big brigade, with thirty-five, forty people in cuisine. We put there a point and it's there. It's
a rigor, it's a perfectionist, it's a very, very nice experience, but it's too hard, too, too hard. So I
stay with Ducats for six months only and I leave to make experience in grand before with a Guy
Martin. He's the person who permit me to, explain to me in the kitchen, to find myself.10:05

When I finish at 1 o'clock in the morning, I come in the house and I make the menu from here.
When I arrive here, six, seven menus for all the year. I'm very happy with that. I start to cook
here. One week before I take all the menus, I put in the garbage and I say I start at zero, because
this region is, they have fantastic products for the month and for the sea. 10:58

When I decide to open my restaurant, I start to think to open in Italy or in Spanish, but when I
see this place, I come here to visit the restaurant, I say if I have one possibility of make of this
building my restaurant, I try to make here.11:35

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I find this restaurant because I stay in Akelarre, one day with friends. We lunch there, we talk
about open my restaurant with him and I say see this (offensive language) place, it's amazing
and they say me,so we know a restaurant is close before for years, but you have the best
beautiful view, that Akelare got here. I say no, it's impossible, so Mirazur start in Akelare for
me. 12:28

These people really change the map of the kitchen in the world. The Spanish chef of course,
Ferran, Arsak, Pero, Martin, Anthony. All these people make really nice work. I not make this
type of food. I start with three people in the kitchen, six years ago,with three people in the
kitchen it's impossible to make this kind of kitchen, but I respect and I admire the Spanish chef.

My kitchen is very fresh. I close winter time, here in Mentomicrocell ma so we have around
eighteen, thirty degrees, so we need to make a fresh kitchen too. The herbs, the flowers, a lot of
vegetables, perhapsbecause I work with Alan three years hard. I make my vegetables but I work
with the smaller products of the mountains. 14:08

Sometimes we start to chefs in there to make this vegetables with this other perhapsfish,
combinersombrero, sometimes in the garden when I seea product, I see a beautiful Femur or
beautiful nave or carrot, I try to make with them. 14:46

When we opened in 2006, we have three people in the kitchen, two people in the restaurant.
One day I have a customer, the restaurant is full, I made a mackerel for him, perfect in the
occasion. When the fish arrived on the table, the metaled come at the kitchen and say, me chef
we have a problem. The customer say this fish is not for this kind of restaurant. I stop the
service and I say metaled, you sent this man to come in the kitchen and tell me that front of me.
The man when he come at the kitchen and I say, so you eat or go out, he stay like, shock, yes
and become regular customer.16:01

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