Masterchef S04 ep3 : Matthias Diether, Restaurant First Floor, [Berlin]

Interview with Matthias Diether

A new sense of ease wafts through the Gourmet restaurant first floor in the Palace Hotel Berlin, located in Budapest Street near the Zoological Gardens. Star chef, Matthias Diether, understands the partialities of his upper class guests, and knows how best he can welcome them. His passion for French cuisine shows itself with his modern and individual interpretations. On the distinguished set menu, you will find, for example, John Dory (fish) encrusted in cheese and salsa, braised meat from a wooly pig ‘Berliner Art’, or Valrhona chocolate with cherries and herb ice creams. The interior of the ‘first floor’ in the Palace Hotel Berlin seduces you with elegance and comfort. The fluffy white linen tables make the perfect setting for the culinary art produced by Matthias Diether. This is why, whether you opt for lunch or dinner at this Michelin Star restaurant, it is not just a taste experience, but a whole lot more.


My name is Matthias Diether . I'm the chef here for Novotel , First floor,in Hotel Palace in
Berlin. The first floor is twenty years old, but here for already thirteen years now, one Michelin
Star. 15:40

My uncle was a big chef and every time when he's coming from a season through a couple of
weeks, as holiday, he visits us. I was very impressed about his life. This was for me very
exciting yea. He never normal restaurant, but he cooked very, very classicand very fine. The
food of Germany and the techniques of France. He wasn't restricted and every time I need some
money, on the weekend I go to him and have a little bit in the court kitchen and make salads
and all these stuff and when I was finished with Middle school, I said ok what's my job and then
I was chef and it's now fifteen, sixteen years I'm a chef now and I love it.Everyday it's full of
passion, you work with a nice team. I love it.16:57

You need, your very clear attitude, young chef, you go many, many art fest and different
restaurants and you learn from the chef a lot. You put from everything a little bit and then you
make your own money. 17:34

My first step was Luther Hayman in futic school. He had two mouth stash. He was very classic
and he was very hard. He was the hardest job ever. So after this I went to Dagiani in Manine. He
was the chef before in the auditorium in Shwata school and he have twenty-three years
members of staff running the restaurants and many time kitchens and was very nice, was only
four guys in the kitchen. So you need work very hard. When you stay off to uncle Montero in
Delalla in one years, two years,you have only your job. But in this restaurant you make

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After this I was a by Welford in hotel Strudel, two years and he was like a doctor. All his
kitchen is very perfect. Every, each pair ups, have the same size, when you're ever at this shop,
you needed hundred ten round, yea and perfect, the same size. This is the attitude from the
Germans. When you do some things, then he wants one hundred twenty percent, exactly. 19:24

Then I was by Deda Miller. Deda Miller, artesian stars in color, he was like a father.He have a
big heart and he's very creative with the colors. I never learn any volume going really hard and
more team and we love it. We love our job, this passion. One of the greatest, biggest chef, ever
for me. 20:07

And then I go to Zen effort with cutting and Soaqua, he also had initial assets and he was like a
friend to me. All the people that are coming from Deda Miller is very creative, yea. And he
makes of the Monandiron. He put the German food completely out and then bring it together
with new techniques. 20:45

After this almost three years in Dubai. Same way I felt, he was before re in Dubai. In the same
step like me, in the same restaurant. He say to go down, you didn't can long cooking anymore,
you finish but you need a lot of things more. We teaching a chef to teach and then he put your
team on your side and I think it's the highest, the team.21:30

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The first food I notice,the character .Character, the attitude from the guys. He needs from the
same attitude like me. I'm not a hard guy. I didn't come with the world up in the kitchen.
Everybody can cook it, yea, but the attitude, the character, is very, very important here in this
restaurant. He love it, He fights for the company, he works hard for the company and he works
hard for me.22:10

The first as of what we look is about the tasting, about the quality of food. The second one is
how I can put some flavors together on a plate and this from the flavor is interesting and the
other one is a little bit of the optic.22:44

It's a very big restaurant here in Berlin and it's a big box of chef. You need look at chef. Not
only in the kitchen, you need look about the marketing, you need look about the guests, you
need look about the whole team. You need to look about how to bring the guests in the

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In the evening I stay in the bus and look at each plate, on how I plate it. But the day is twenty
six hours in Berlin. I want to spend, my assistant, they all, the team working for the chef is very
nice in Berlin. When I need some, something I call on a chef, he said," no problem, come, I'll
give it." 23:59

I was the first before crunch time. The first people, when I give my plates now to him. he don't
understand in my message. But the city is going up every day and all the knowledge from the
food is going up every day and this is important.24:33

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The German chefs looks a little, not one night, he looks round about. So he puts a little from the
Spain with the new techniques and everything. But he looks up on the north, northern and
Sweden. I think he put for everything, a little bit. The last couple of years is coming very, very
good, young talent chefs in Germany. The first six, seven top restaurants in Berlin you can see it
in other city, in a two mess Huda staff, it's the same line.25:19

The job is very hard, but I was born in Berlin, three years, four years and I lived outside of
Berlin with my parents to South Germany. Each step what I do after this, I put even more in the
name of Berlin, but now I am at home and I love it.25:51

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