Masterchef S04 ep7 : Sauli Kemppainen, Die Quadragie Restaurant, [Berlin]

Interview with Sauli Kemppainen

The culinary mastermind at Quadriga at Hotel Brandenburger Hof is Michelin-starred chef Sauli Kemppainen, who remains true to his Finnish origins despite a life of travel. Kemppainen is one of the main exponents of new Nordic cuisine.  The interior of Die Quadriga is just as appealing as the food itself: A Biedermeier secretary, Frank Lloyd Wright's cherrywood chairs, designed in 1904, which correspond perfectly with the cherrywood panels on the walls, which are decorated mainly by works of artist of the Berliner Sezession provided by Seidel & Sohn, an art dealer established 1905; the artworks are for sale. The tableware is KPM porcelain, the silver from Robbe & Berking, the flowers throughout the hotel by an Ikebana master. Incidentally, Die Quadriga is named after the four horses who pull the goddess of victory, a sculpture by Schadow from 1794 on top of the Brandenburg Gate.


Die Quadriga is in Brandeburg Door. Up there is the two horses with four men.They say that Die
Quadriga, four.The hotel is now twenty years old. The four is also here because we have
actually four different dining rooms. We are calling all these four rooms together and that's Die

Every room has a different decoration. They can check every room and they find always their

I would like to have been a football player. That was my first dream. I don’t know why actually
I stop my football and then I just cut the restaurant to school. I was about seventeen, eighteen
years old then.Two three years and then I just go away.16:06

Finland is of course, very young country.We don't have up there very old tradition. So that
means of course, in cooking, the French basis is always there. In my opinion is that the French
basic is the only one. You need this to cook very well. What you put them together with this
French basic, that's a different thing.16:49

What I'm cooking here in DieQuadriga, I am always French based and then I take my
Scandinavisch product, I put them together. I take just a little touch from Spain or Italy and
that's my package.17:17


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I don't have one or two master. I have been travelling very, very much. I was then nineteen
twenty, then I make up my mind that I need to see where they are cooking the best food in the
world. I like to see that, I want to work hard and I want to learn it. I have been working in USA.
I was in Miami and then in Spain, in England and of course here in Germany.17:58

I learn exactly that, what I like to learn. I see so many different styles to cook as possible.If you
cook, for example, asparagus. You see one technique how to cook it and that's the only
technique what you have never seen. So how could you know that's the best technique in the
world, if you've seen one technique? So you have to see many restaurants, they cook in every
restaurants different meat, with different style. And then whenyou have seen ten or maybe
twenty techniques, then you can make your mind which one is the best and then can you maybe
create in your own technique.18:57

I was in Spain in Morocco. A restaurant called Tristan, two stars and of course, it's a restaurant.
They have the best fish you can get. I was one year there and it was so amazing to see how easy
actually is to do perfect fish. But you have to only find a perfect technique and they use actually
use lemon twist, salt and olive oil.It's so simple because they have the best product. I've been
travelling alot, seeing a lot and if I put now altogether,I think it is only that product. You don't
have to be a magic man to do good food if you have good product. 20:01

I like to have in restaurant something else that I can have at home.If you can make a perfect
asparagus at home, why should you try that at a restaurant? My job as a chef is to give you
something else what you can eat at home.That's our job actually. You pay a lot of money and
you need something, wow! 20:41

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I try to find that orange taste, as dark as it is possible. So if I have orange there I like to have
that orange so powerful, I don't think one hundred per cent is enough for me. I use reductions, I
try to put it above something three hundred or maybe four hundred percent on a plate, the
flavors are very strong and then you take, then , wow! 21:33

I use a lot of finish, but not only finish products. So Scandinavisch product from up there,
Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, then I put my mix, Spain and Italy together. It's a
modern kitchen with strong Scandinavisch touch. 22:09

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I was working in Helsinki in Finland. Two friends of mine have just opened the restaurant
Crookest.I was there as if when we are opening the new restaurant and the only Brandbukeof,
just a part from me, somewhere I don't know exactly and then they are just asking that do I love
to move to Berlin. I have a nice hotel, would you like to be chef there? And I was just saying,
yea why not and that's it. I've been working now three and a half years .Berlin is in moment
today very good city to cook. People are very open mind. 23:09

Almost always, I have one dish from reindeer, always to new warriors and various vosmakes,
actually there's a lamb and beetroot, Seibel and cataphyll altogether and also herring. It sounds
a bit crazy but when you eat altogether it's just perfect.And now I have horse macaw number
seven. That's very, very classic here and everybody loves. 23:54


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In Finland there is only one restaurant who has two star. I am now only Finnish chef who has
missed any star outside of Finland.To have two stars, I don't know. I'm just doing my food, if
there's one star or two stars, I'm doing the same.Same thing, and i think that's the only way to do
it right.24:31

It must be in that base what animal eat. Up there in Finland, there is nothing, there is just a
forest. So everything is super clean. thereindeer is eating only what forest have to offer. You
don't have to do nothing. You can eat it almost raw.25:10

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