About Us

3D Design in Gold, Silver, Leather, Ceramic and Titanium.

Art meets Design from Metaxas and Sins.

Berlin, Germany.

Meet Mr. Kostas Metaxas, an award winning designer (BHP Design Awards) a Luxury-Lifestyle Magazine Editor/Publisher, and a Filmmaker/Broadcast Producer who covers fashion, design, gastronomy and the arts with over 700 documentary interviews and two awarded feature films [www.ikon.tv] to his credit.

Most recently, Metaxas has designed Zylia CODE, a new line of jewelry combining geometric abstract curves with chaotic precious stones embellishments – or not; ARTS DE LA TABLE - tableware for 3 Michelin-Starred restaurants, OASIS luxury bathroom objects and TOTEM furniture, some of which can be ordered online through the 3D printer SHAPEWAYS.COM.

Drawn to the shapes and textures of old master painters and sculpture since he was a teenager, about the same time, he was introduced to Hi Fi equipment and fell in love with music. To him, art and design is "visual music". Unable to afford expensive Hi Fi equipment, he taught himself electrical engineering and started producing his own, which turned into his first business. Hungry for knowledge about art and design, Metaxas started a magazine so he could interview great artists and designers worldwide, learn from them, and feed his own creativity.

For Metaxas, designing feels euphoric. He enjoys working with various materials – metal, glass, ceramic, plastic – and subverting technology, like using dental techniques to create jewelry and watches. Both the traditional manufacturing methods and the latest software – or their combination – work great for him. He thinks of the big picture first, then the details and the best methods to create them. And all of it in an environmentally friendly way.

He strongly believes in balance with a twist, in the fight between the chaos and control, and a little intrigue thrown in. A bit of theatre, and a bit of utility – there needs to be substance, it should be useful, and it should also invoke experimenting and playfulness. Infinite possibilities with each design.

Some advice from Metaxas to young designers: "Research the breathtaking work of others, and wait until your idea exceeds that standard, otherwise it has no reason to exist. Do your absolute best. If you're not motivated, don't do it. Give life to an object which never existed before".

That's what he's doing, and he loves every moment of it.

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